Glory holes, GLBT benefit parties and water closet art.


1. Rien faire et laisser rire, Galerie Rodolphe Janssen


A household name in the New York art scene since the early eighties, Robert ‘Bob’ Nickas has curated over more than 80 exhibitions. Reputed for a characteristic approach that confronts coquetry with the unaccepted, for this group show, Nickas sees himself as an old friend of James Ensor‘s. This imaginary friendship sets the tone for Nickas’ selection and showcase of 20 different artists, all of which are on show at Galerie Rodolphe Janssen. A quote from an interview with Phaidon might bring you some elucidation: “When I first started out I was making it up as I went along and I would like to think that this is still the case.”

Opening 16 May, 18h00
Exhibition runs until 15 June
Galerie Rodolphe Janssen, Rue de Livourne 35 Livornostraat – 1050 Brussels

2. Parallax Scrolling, Galerie 100 titres


A group show which presents the boundary-crossing works of six upstart Brussels-based artists, Parallax Scrolling opens today at Galerie 100 titres. Curated by Iris Lafon, the broad-based show showcases works which, each in their own way, explore the question of shifts in perspectives. With works by Denis Crutzen, Gilles Hébette, Olivia Hernaiz, Elise Leboutte, Sarah Majerus and Britta Vossmerbäumer.

Opening 16 May, 18h00-21h00
Exhibition runs until 9 June
Galerie 100 Titres, Rue Cluysenaarstraat 2 – 1060 Brussels

3. The 5th Dimension, Ricou Gallery


Curated by Benoît Lamy de La Chapelle, this group show presents the works of eight artists whose practice all in one way or the other revolve around the aesthetic externalizations of transcendence and, more specifically, the free and empty space that arises when imagining the possibility of an additional dimension. Make of that what you will, these highly ambitious intentions definitely got our attention. With Bruno Botella, Barbara Kasten, Ajay Kurian, Anton Lieberman, Sara Ludy, Bevis Martin & Charlie Youle and Philip Newcombe.

Opening 18 May, 14h00-20h00
Exhibition runs until 6 July
Galerie Ricou, Rue Souveraine 54 Opperstraat – 1000 Brussels

4. Vicente De Mello, Contretype


As a part of its Artists in Residence in Brussels program – initiated by Contretype back in 1997 – Brussels’ pre-eminent space for contemporary photography will exhibit the results of Brazilian photographer Vicente De Mello’s residence. This only being his second visit to Brussels, De Mello discovered a city which differed explicitly from ‘the European jewel’ he thought to have discovered during the 48 hours of his first stay. With the city’s wintry silence as the soundtrack to which De Mello took his long and solitary walks through Brussels, Silent City is an attempt to decipher its compelling identity.

Until 18 August
Contretype Gallery, Avenue de la Jonction 1 Verbindingslaan – 1060 Brussels

5. The Word Magazine presents The second best edition, Hunting and Collecting

Screen Shot 2013-05-16 at 10.46.47

To celebrate our latest issue hitting newsstands across the country and abroad, we’ve teamed up with Antwerp-based collective In Aanmaak in dreaming up a window display unveiled exclusively at the cult Brussels boutique Hunting and Collecting (read our interview with its founders here). Stop by to have a look and a few drinks (sponsored by Jameson and Vedett) and get your hands on our fresh-faced second best edition. Behind the decks: Ostend-born DJ Nosedrip who recently did this exclusive mix for us.

16 May, 18h00
Hunting and Collecting, Rue des Chartreux 17 Kartuizerstraat – 1000 Brussels

6. Catclub and Friends, Le Chambon


On the occasion of this year’s Gay Pride Festival our beloved Catclub is hosting a special edition dedicated to celebrating equality, tolerance and open-mindedness; a massive benefit whose profits will be donated to various organisations fighting homophobia. The night initiated together with Parisians Flash Cocotte and Barbieteux features an enormous line-up including DJs from befriended Brussels parties like Brüxsel Jardin or London’s Horse Meat Disco. Visuals are provided by Pink Screens, the leading Belgian movie festival for queer cinema.

18 May, 23h00
Le Chambon, Rue Fossé aux Loups 48 Wolvenstraat – 1000 Brussels


7. Gelitin, Tim van Laere Gallery


“The fun-loving Austrian collective Gelitin has never shied from disrupting art world business as usual,” writes The New York Times. When Tim Van Laere Gallery hosted a solo exhibition of the unconventional Vienna-based crew in 2011, the four artists Wolfgang Gantner, Ali Janka, Florian Reither and Tobias Urban invited visitors to pee in a toilet with the urine being collected in an attached waterbed – leaving expectations running high for the upcoming show. “We always use the most normal things from our surroundings and turn them into objects or installations,” the provocative four-piece recently told Elephant Magazine.

Opening 16 May
Exhibition runs until 29 June
Tim Van Laere Gallery, Verlatstraat 23-25 – 2000 Antwerp


fort art

For the fourth edition of ART-FORT/FORT-ART, three alumni from the Antwerp Royal Academy of Fine Arts were invited to create and show in situ artwork in the mind-blowing forts that characterize peripheral Antwerp. The cross-media trio was invited by ad interim curator Marc Ruyters, editor-in-chief at HART magazine. By each selecting one specific bastion, Vaast Colson, Philip Aguirre and Anne-Mie Van Kerckhoven commit themselves to formulating an artistic response to the militaristic and inert architecture of the citadels.

From 18 May to 28 June
Various locations in Antwerp

9. Glory Hole, LLS 387


Antwerp’s LLS 387 puts on a group show inspired by the notion of the dark room, an open space for gay sex where origin, social status or age are irrelevant. One infamous feature of dark rooms around the world are the so-called glory holes which entice you into anonymous sexual encounters. The artworks shown in the exhibition all focus on lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender issues, sometimes literally and sometimes metaphorically. Included are creations from artists like Fabrice Hybert, Robert Gober and Auguste Rodin.

Opening 18 May, 19h00
Exhibition runs until 30 June
LLS 387, Lange Leemstraat 387 – 2018 Antwerp

10. Get Dirty with Black Box Revelation, SX and Dewolff, Trix

GET DIRTY - Digi flyer 3

Converse pays homage to their Sneakers get dirty tag line with a series of gigs all over Europe. To celebrate the launch of their Chuck Taylor All Star Well Worn collection, the influential sneaker brand drew up an eclectic line-up of bands who embody the ‘get dirty’ spirit. For the Antwerp edition next Friday, etheric indie pop band SX will join forces with rock and rollers The Black Box Revelation and Dewolff.

24 May, 20h00
Trix, Noordersingel 28-30 – 2140 Borgerhout, Antwerp