Five things to do during this weekend’s Museum Night Fever

A grand total of 24 museums will be parlaying in what is already the famed museum late-nighter’s ninth edition. And, with this year’s edition putting to work more than 1,000 local youngsters to give a different twist to the night’s programme and offer an alternative museum-going experience, this coming Saturday promises to shine a new light on the city’s many museums.

Dijf Sanders, Yellowstraps x Le Motel and Oyster Node at Musé BELvue

Owing to the renovations of its exhibition rooms, most of the museum’s galleries are entirely empty at the moment. As such, about 50 emerging artists from Brussels-based collective Kool Kids Klub are set to take the venue over for a night of locals only love. Indeed, danse, performance, installation and a labyrinth will all combine to give a contemporary twist to the night. There’ll also be an interactive wall where Molenbeek’s residents and visitors will be able to engage in a dialogue of sort, as well as a few concerts – Dijf Sanders, Yellowstraps x Le Motel as well as Oyster Node – organised by Vk* concerts.

BELvue_Vk (c) Yellowstraps&Motel

War party at Musée de l’Armée

A temporary collective of 30 young artists hailing from all kinds of discipline have reflected upon the concept of violence. The result is a potpourri of interventions, ranging from drones and military marches to the tune of metal music to chorals and meditation sessions. A night sure to give your blood pressure a roller coaster of a ride.

War Party2 (c) Ennen Boi

©Ennen Boi

Vintage photo booths at Musée du Costume et de la Dentelle

Staying true to its ‘back in the day’ artistic direction, Brussels’ costume and lace museum will be setting up an old photobooth harking back to the 1850s, allowing museum-goers to capture their blast to the past.

Jazz and big band at Autoworld

Music and oldtimers intertwine in this night where jazz, classical and big band music mingle with the museum’s impressive and mesmerising car collection. Another chance to be transported back in time.


©Matthew Valentin

Haircuts at WIELS

In the context of its exhibition of Belgian artist Edith Dekyndt’s work, WIELS’ majestic hall will be transformed into a hairdressing salon where guests will be able to sit for performative haircuts thought up by the artist. Guided tours of the exhibition itself will also be possible.

For more information on the Museum Night Fever, visit their website