What you liked, viewed and listened to the most in 2013

We’ve been digging around our website’s interface for the past week or so, looking for cues as to those bits of content you most enjoyed in 2013. Here’s what we found out…

Most listened to on Mixcloud

  1. The Word Mix 17 by DJ SNS (1,235 listens)
  2. The Word Mix 16 by Le Motel (940 listens)
  3. The Word Mix 18 by STUFF. (705 listens)

Most liked on The Best of Belgium

  1. 20 of the best spaces for emerging art (+1,000 likes)
  2. Eight of the best rooftops in Brussels (567 likes)
  3. 15 spaces for photography (561 likes)

Best Word parties

  1. The Word turns Five at Komplot (22nd February 2013)
  2. The Word at In Aanmaak, Antwerp (1st June 2013)
  3. The Word at Motto, Berlin (27th June 2013)

 Best Word concert

  1. Mountain Bike at The Word turns Five
  2. The Anna Thompsons at The Word office opening party
  3. M.E.A.N at The third rate edition release party