Why should you pay for something you’re used to getting for free?

It’s a question we often get asked lately, and it’s a valid one. How could we possibly be asking you to fork out for the magazine, knowing that we’ve been handing it out for free for the past five years? And why in the name of god would you even consider contributing to our crowd-funding campaign?

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    Because the magazine you once knew as The Word is no more: a new, slightly smaller format, a new design, twice the number of pages (give or take 200) and two new editorial sections (photography and art).
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    Because if you subscribe now by contributing to our crowd-funding campaign, you’ll get much more than you would if you were to buy it at a newsagents. 30 euros will get you the April edition delivered to your door, your name printed in the issue itself plus a pack of ten Word stickers. 50 euros will get you both the April and the October edition delivered to your door, a mention in the issue itself as well as the pack of ten Word stickers. And don’t even get us started on what you’d get if, god forbid, you were to contribute 150, 500 or 1,000 euros.


    The limited-level (500 euros) includes a signed and numbered 50×70 unframed print of our first edition’s cover + a copy of our hand-numbered photo-book + an unpublished copy of our dummy issue + a yearly subscription to The Word in 2013 (two editions) + a limited-edition pack of 10 The Word stickers + Your name printed in the first edition as a patron of The Word.

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    Because, believe us, you’ll love this new magazine of ours. To give you a little taster, the April edition features everything from legendary photographer Stephen Shore discussing a picture that was given to him some 50 years ago and studio visits with artists Sarah Morris in New York, Idris Khan in London and Neil Beloufa in Paris to interviews with the families of some of the world’s most acclaimed artists (Pablo Picasso, Donald Judd, Bernd Lohaus) and the likes of Roe Ethridge, Roger Ballen, Bae Bien-U and Skye Parott taking portraits of their very own first assistants.
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    Because, despite the shameless name-dropping, we’re still intent on keeping things nice and simple and close to home. So, there’s the story of the local woman who joined the circus and spent her years training Siberian bears, a trek down into London’s nether regions to check out the Royal Mail Network, the odd tale of a neighbourhood greasy spoon that (ssshhhh!) sells authentic KFC chicken, as well as the sordid story of where army trucks go to die. Then there’s also the chat we had with Sonic Youth’s Lee Ranaldo about the time the band got all its gear stolen (and the Belgian fan who found one of their re-engineered guitars), the first-rate rant by tried-and-tested music hack Nick Kent, as well as a trip down memory lane with Stone’s Throw’s Peanut Butter Wolf who spoke to us about his teenage mix-tape collection. So much for the name-dropping…
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    Because, let’s be honest, we’re doing a pretty good fucking job of repping the creative classes and, well, can’t continue playing ambassador all on our own. We need you, your likes, your shares, your RTs, your views, your +1s, your pins and your visits. And your 30, 50, 150, 500 and 1,000 euros.

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