Those that know us well know that we have somewhat of a tendency to change our minds relatively often. Now, to some that might be a bad thing. But to us, it’s a good thing, it keep things exciting. Keeps things moving. And so you have it, The Word Magazine as you had come to know it – free, fresh and for the people – is back on the streets, and here to stay.

Join us for our release party at WIELS on the 11th September to mark the release of our new edition with DJ set and live concerts by Hypnoize, Musique Chienne, Cocaïne Piss, Wulfy Benzo, Mont-Doré and DJ soFa.

Truth is, going international, extending the distribution to newsagents and bookshops and expecting Belgium to pay for the magazine after five years of getting it for free wasn’t exactly our smartest move. Plus only bringing the magazine out every six months didn’t fit with our restless, start-and-stop-and-start-again personalities – the fuck were we to do for the rest of the year?

So, for the past six months, we’ve been plotting our return to the streets, rounding up the troops for brainstorm-after-brainstorm and dissecting what worked and what didn’t. We turned everything inside out and upside down, making sure no stones were left unturned in our drive to come out with a bang – again.

For the past six months, we’ve been plotting our return to the streets

Content-wise, nothing much has changed other than a more committed, involved and mature stance and storyline. The impact our work has on the community, and its ability to leave a mark on society, was a question that constantly came back to every editorial meeting, and one which shaped most of our editorial decisions.

Design-wise, we’ve remixed things a little, going for a slightly more compact format and opting for staples instead of a hard bind. The latter is a feat I’m particularly proud of given that it took some convincing internally, and will probably bring some surprised looks from our loyal advertisers, but I truly believe the magazine feels more accessible now. And our advertisers should learn to trust us.

To Guillaume, Pierre, Sarah, Nadia, Miles, Joke, Veerle, David, Clément, Hanna, Sophie, Eva and Lisa – you guys did it again.

We’re back people, and we’re here to stay.