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To mark the release of our Warriors edition, we've teamed up with This is Antwerp to bring you 100 Antwerp Warriors, a 100-strong selection of local movers and shakers setting the tone for the neighbourhood of tomorrow. From design and architecture to contemporary art and politics, these are the creatives shaping the narrative of the future.

Beni Falafel

Beni Falafel

Best falafel in town

Beni Falafel, suitably located in Antwerp’s main Jewish neighbourhood, has become a veritable institution. Established back in 1973, some of its regulars have been enjoying the Israeli-style falafels ever since they were kids. “When I was a child, Beni didn’t have the shop yet and came to our school with his pushcart,” recalls one long-time customer. For decades now, the unassuming but immensely popular eatery has been holding the reputation as the country’s best falafel place, and rightly so. Nothing has changed over the years: the aromatic, juicy chickpea balls are not pre-cooked but freshly fried upon ordering, and the bread is heated up with vintage flat irons. It’s served with lettuce and delicious, homemade humus, and – if you want the real Israeli deal – topped with sauerkraut. The menu is both kosher and vegetarian and also features a number of other Isreali snacks such as Latke, a sort of potato pancake, and bureka, pastry filled with cheese or spinach. Essential.

Lange Leemstraat 188, 2018 Antwerp
Photography Miles Fischler
Writer Sarah Schug