The Brussels Bike Hundred

100 portraits, stories and bicycles

We’re teaming up with Bike for Brussels to put together a 100-strong selection of local heroes shaping the city each in their own way. From designers and DJs to performers and publishers, these are the creatives riding Brussels forward.

David Maurissen

David Maurissen, 1980

Dimitri Runkkari and cofounder at Vlek

Describe yourself, your background and what you do today.

Caucasian, ginger, 1m74. Canedicoda t-shirt, shorts and flip-flops on. A white wall with some hanging print tests, a 1968 Asbern letterpress. Currently working on a personal project for Double Dagger magazine.

How has Brussels shaped you as an individual as well as your professional activities?

It’s hard to say, seeing as I’ve never lived in another city.

List three things you like the most about Brussels, bike-related or not.

  • You might not love it at first sight, but once you do…
  • It’s a small yet culturally vivid city.
  • Getting away from it.

It’s a small yet culturally vivid city.

List three deciding factors that converted you to bicycle use.

  • Free
  • Fast
  • No age limits

What are your three favourite bike routes in Brussels?

  • The route to deliver new Vlek releases.
  • Riding through the traffic jams on my way back from Crevette Records.
  • The way to Ptit Faystival.