The House Hundred

Portraits of a scene's past, present and future greats

We’re teaming up with Bulldog to select 100 essential people, places and projects in Belgian house music. From producers and DJs to record labels and festivals, these are the forces driving the homegrown house scene forward, one BPM at a time.

DC Salas

DC Salas

Diego Cortez Salas, DJ and producer

Describe yourself, your background and what you do today.

I’m a 29-year-old DJ and producer from Brussels and also a freelance social media strategist. I can’t talk about my background without mentioning my dad, who introduced me to eclectic music at a very young age. When I turned 14, I made my first steps in the radio world, where I worked until I was 20. And I’m back at it since September, co-hosting Pure Trax on Pure together with Maya Cham.

How has where you come from shaped who you are?

I’m Belgian and Peruvian so I grew up in a multicultural environment that clearly shaped my eclecticism and the way I listen to music. without any boundaries or “genre” driven way of thinking.  There’s good music and art everywhere, in every style.

In your view, what explains Belgiums considerable contribution to global house music? What makes our sound what it is?

I’m not sure there’s a Belgian sound but we are definitely a lot about mixing up styles, cultures and influences. On top of that, surrealism and humour are inherent features of our country and I’m convinced that they contributed to our sound. I mean, look at some of the titles of some New Beat tracks!

What, to you, characterises your home bases nightlife scene and its main players?

My home base is Brussels, a small but welcoming city. We are lucky to have open-minded promoters who have good tastes and are not afraid to take risks by booking less-known acts. As it’s a small city, you can easily walk from one party to another and everybody seems to know each other. So wherever you decide to party, you probably won’t be by yourself. Our scene counts a lot of key players like Fuse, Deep in House/C12, Catclub and Kumiko to name a few.

In your view, which place in Belgium best symbolises the countrys way of partying?

L’Aquarelle, a bar located in the Carré area in Liège, used to host Minimhouse parties back in the days. It’s still my best memory in terms of audience and atmosphere. They knew how to welcome their artists and the audience was so great.

What, in your opinion, is missing in Belgium nightlife-wise?

We need a better coordination between promoters so that the scene as a whole can be more united. In Brussels, you can have five incredible events all happening on a Friday night, and then nothing on the following Saturday… It’s a shame.

What can politicians do to better support the homegrown nightlife?

Brussels definitely needs more venues and less noise regulations. I think politicians should first understand and embrace the scene. Do it for the people; not to get some extra votes.

In your opinion, what are the key ingredients for a good night?

A good sound system, a DJ booth close to the audience, cheap but delicious cocktails and friends, of course.

If you had to pick three essential Belgian house music releases, what would they be?

Zsa Zsa Laboum – Something Scary

The Subs – arpolis (hymne du Dirty Dancing)

San Soda – Quilombo

If you could put together the line-up of your dreams, which top five Belgian acts would you book?

  • Mirror Minds
  • Lawrence Ledoux
  • Nosedrip
  • Telex Live
  • Geert Sermon

Talk to us about a memorable night out, good or bad.

Once, I played in a double-decker bus in Brussels. Everything was going great: people jumping around, dancing crazy and all that. But suddenly, a fight broke out, and as we were in a confined space, it got violent very quickly. I ended up punched in the face when I tried to kick a guy out of the bus because he was getting too nervous.

What’s in the pipeline for you in the coming months?

I am finishing my new EP as well as another EP for my side project called Los Niños Del Parque together with my friend Mirror Minds. I’m also planning on touring with my live project with a drummer.