The Brussels Bike Hundred

100 portraits, stories and bicycles

We’re teaming up with Bike for Brussels to put together a 100-strong selection of local heroes shaping the city each in their own way. From designers and DJs to performers and publishers, these are the creatives riding Brussels forward.



Julie Rens (1991) and Sasha Vovk (1992)

Describe yourself, your background and what you do today.

We are Julie and Sasha and together we are JUICY, a music band from Brussels. We started playing at parties around Brussels two years ago as a 90s RnB and hip-hop cover act. Today we have our own songs, which we’ve been performing on stage since March 2018. We released our first EP Cast a Spell, and there’s another on its way.

How has Brussels shaped you as an individual as well as your professional activities?

Brussels is a very vibrant city! There’s a lot of things to do and see like concerts and cultural activities, and everybody knows each other. We were born and raised here and we both studied music at the Brussels Conservatory. It’s really rewarding to be a musician in this city: you can always and easily meet other musicians, create ephemeral or long-term bands… People in Brussels are open-minded, easy-going, and they help each other out.

It’s really rewarding to be a musician in this city

List three things you like the most about Brussels.

We both love Beursschouwburg, Ancienne Belgique and Botanique, three great concert venues in Brussels. From exhibitions, to music concerts and parties, there’s a lot of cool things happening there.  And of course we also love to play in these venues. We actually had our two first EP concerts at Beursschouwburg and AB !

List three deciding factors that converted you to bicyle use.

We both cycle and it’s so much easier to move freely in Brussels with a bike because : 

  • STIB / MIVB is too expensive. 
  • Traffic jams. 
  • Pollution.

What are your favourite bike routes in Brussels?

The route we like the most is more practical than beautiful: we like to leave our home in Schaerbeek to go to the studio in the centre with a stop at Le Moka rue des Riches-Claires to take a good coffee. We also like to ride in the Sonian Forest. And back when we used to play covers, we would go to our concerts by bike, but today we have too many instruments to carry.