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Portraits of a city’s success stories

We team up with, Brussels’ Business Support Agency, and shine a light on 50 of the Region’s start-up success stories driving the capital city’s economic landscape forward. From the eco-conscious manufacturer to the technology-enabled post-production imprint, our 50-strong selection of portraits and interviews plays testament to the Region’s dense and dynamic culture of entrepreneurship.

Le Typographe

Le Typographe

Cédric Chauvelot

What would be your two-minute elevator pitch?

Stamped stationary, typography, cars and custom printing are all made available at our Rue Américaine/Amerikaansestraat home base, while a second shop can be found on Rue des Chartreux/Kartuizersstraat. I started this business with passion, and fall in love with this job more and more as time goes on and partnerships increase. It all started with one person and one team, and everything is done manually.

List three factors that make Brussels’ entrepreneurship landscape unique.

  • A centrally located city in Europe, uniting many diverse talents.
  • Brussels’ appreciation for its craftmanship.
  • Its support when you “export” Brussels, especially handmade items.

What are the three biggest challenges you faced when starting up your business?

  • Starting from ground zero.
  • Finding and training staff.
  • Making our name known amongst international sellers.

Don’t listen to others’ advice! Listen to your heart and desires instead.

How did you benefit from’ expertise in the conception of your business?

I wasn’t yet aware of’ existence when I decided to embark on this adventure. Over time and through various encounters, possibilities began to open up little by little.

List three pieces of advice you would give to the budding entrepreneur.

  • Don’t listen to others’ advice! Listen to your heart and desires instead.
  • Stay true to the course of your ideas and proceed without any regard for your competition.
  • Stay true to your values. I consider manual labour and teamwork to be a great source for development and well-being for anyone and everyone.
Rue Américaine 67 Amerikaansestraat (1050)
Rue des Chartreux 14 Kartuizersstraat (1000)

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