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Portraits of a city’s success stories

We team up with, Brussels’ Business Support Agency, and shine a light on 50 of the Region’s start-up success stories driving the capital city’s economic landscape forward. From the eco-conscious manufacturer to the technology-enabled post-production imprint, our 50-strong selection of portraits and interviews plays testament to the Region’s dense and dynamic culture of entrepreneurship.



Jean-Louis Decoster

What would be your two-minute elevator pitch?

Poolpio is an immersive content creation studio based in Brussels. We operate all over Europe, with an office in Belgium and another in Spain, and the most agile team of VR professionals on the market. Poolpio is powered by VISYON360, the European leader in interactive and motion pictures, and immersive projects for both corporations and the film industry. Founded in 2015, our studio accompanies communication and audio-visual professionals in the making of virtual reality projects. We produce quality content for virtual and augmented reality; 2D and 3D, 360° animation; and motion capturing implemented in VR environments. We manage every step of the way for cinematic, stereoscopic and interactive motion picture content.

List three factors that make Brussels’ entrepreneurship landscape unique.

  • Brussels is a human-sized city.
  • As the capital city of not only Belgium, but also the headquarters of NATO and prominent European institutions, Brussels boasts a unique status in terms of business opportunities.
  • Brussels is less expensive than Paris or London rent-wise. It’s easier to find the right place and price to set up your business.

As the capital city of not only Belgium, but also the headquarters of NATO and prominent European institutions, Brussels boasts a unique status in termes of business opportunities.

What are the biggest challenges you faced when starting up your business?

  • Funding
  • Find the right office in the right location. Some coworking spaces are rather expensive…

How did you benefit from’ expertise in the conception of your business?, and notably their audio-visual cluster provided us with appropriate answers at every step of our business conception and supported us throughout our journey. At the beginning of our activity, helped us by organising accompaniment meetings and integrating us into various economic missions abroad, to promote our work in virtual reality. They remain committed and available whenever we have queries.

List three pieces of advice you would give to the budding entrepreneur.

  • Your work should be more than just a job, it should be a passion! You don’t work it; you live it. You must persevere no matter what comes your way.
  • Educate yourself on every aspect of your field and keep track of every new change and innovation being made. Don’t be shy to rely on the numerous tools made available by the Brussels-Capital Region, like
  • Make sure you have a solid team to support you in your business. Choose your collaborators and associates carefully, because running a business is like being married – you need to have each other’s backs.
11B Rue Van Eyckstraat (1050)

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