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Portraits of a city’s success stories

We team up with, Brussels’ Business Support Agency, and shine a light on 50 of the Region’s start-up success stories driving the capital city’s economic landscape forward. From the eco-conscious manufacturer to the technology-enabled post-production imprint, our 50-strong selection of portraits and interviews plays testament to the Region’s dense and dynamic culture of entrepreneurship.



Augustin Nourissier & Véronique Dewever

What would be your two-minute elevator pitch?

Well-being and good health are central for any person to perform well in the long run. Yet in companies around the world, stress, burnouts and demotivation are gaining ground. Skyfarms is all about giving employees a real break, some time to relax, to talk and feel purpose. We do it by setting up urban farms in our clients’ facilities and inviting all those who are willing to participate to grow great organic food with us. Skyfarms helps them sow tomorrow’s success.

List three factors that make Brussels’ entrepreneurship landscape unique.

Brussels is just the right size to allow great opportunities without too many roadblocks. It’s also a city that is leading the shift towards a circular economy. This is creating a new network of innovative, flexible and sustainable SMEs that can start challenging the big players already present in the market. Brussels’ unique status as a French-speaking island in Flanders also leads to opportunities since the economic connection with its surroundings are not always very dynamic.

Brussels is leading the shift towards a circular economy.

What are the three biggest challenges you faced when starting up your business?

We started a business that offered a completely new line of service with a type of added value that is difficult to summaries with figures. It was challenging to be taken seriously at first, to say the least. Then we needed to put together a wide team of skills – architect, farmer, coach, construction and so on – to be able to begin with relatively small-scale projects. Finally, we were still in the process of retraining ourselves when we started, so the learning curve was pretty steep.

How did you benefit from’ expertise in the conception of your business?

They provided a very good framework in which we could structure our first few months and get our project off the ground. They put us in touch with great coaches. More generally, the network we managed to build during that programme was a key factor in our success. Since then we’ve been regularly involved in common communication campaigns, which also serve as marketing boosts.

List three pieces of advice you would give to the budding entrepreneur.

  • Stop obsessing about finding a genius idea. Get out there, start from somewhere and ideas will come to you along the way.
  • Work in teams; find the right people to work with.
  • Know yourself and create a job that suits you.
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