Looking for curves, class and a splash of cuteness

If Don Draper would loosen up a little, he’d most definitely do so at Radio Modern parties. Known for their heady mix of fifties fun, pettycoats and good ol’ rock ‘n’ roll, the Radio Modern crew now have their eyes firmly fixed on their next challenge: to bring Burlesque fun to your nights, in the shape of the nation’s first ever Burlesque contest.

The Modernettes - Photography www.melvinkobe.com


We exchanged a couple of emails with Radio Modern PR girl and fellow fifties fiend Jill to get the lowdown on the who, what, where and when. Before we get into the nitty-gritty of it though, a little raunchy call to action. As part of its new Vuilen Avond concept, Radio Mordern wants all you budding burlesque beauties to send an email to schoonmadammen@radiomodern.be with your name, age, email and phone number. Add some glamourous pictures and tell them why you need to be in this contest. (Note: This is a girls only contest and miladies and you need to be over 18). Workshops will be held on 13th and 20th December as well as on 17th January in Vooruit, Ghent (with Miss Mama Ulita, pitcured below, teaching you the ropes). There will be a big finale with a jury and an audience in February (exact date to be confirmed soon). The first Vuilen Avond will be in CC Mechelen on February 6th, the next is on March 12th in Vooruit, Ghent.

Now back to the nitty-gritty…

On Radio Modern – “We’re a team of seven people. Ben Mouling is the main man, he initiated the concept. Hannes Dewit is his right hand, taking care of all things business while Ben concentrates on the artistic side and looks for bands and venues. Jan Fack does the website and helps out here and there. And then there’s the four of us girls known as the Modernettes. We wear green uniforms at every RM party and we do girls’ hair and make-up fifties style in our Beauty Boudoir. There’s Ellen Denaeyer (responsible for production of every RM party, we’d be dead without her), Dorith Govaerts (Ben’s girlfriend who does everything behind the scenes and is in charge of The Modernettes), Sofie Huybrechts (responsible for costumes and soon leader of the Schoon Madammen Burlesque Troupe) and myself doing press and everything communication related. Together with the rest of the Radio Modern crew, we’ve been dwelling from one ballroom to the next, organising fifties parties. From De Roma in Antwerp to Vooruit in Ghent, we’ve been all over the country with our fifties blend, even hosting a whole evening at Pukkelpop.”

Photography Melvin Kobe


Photography Melvin Kobe


Photography Melvin Kobe


On Vuilen Avond – “Early 2010, we’re rolling out a new concept called ‘De Vuilen Avond’, simply translated as ‘A Naughty Night’. Imagine a cabaret revue like the ones in the twenties and thirties, in a festive palace, with magicians, humour and – last but most certainly not least – some titillating ladies.”

On why burlesque should hit the nation – “It’s great that burlesque is whipping up quite some stir in London, Paris and Amsterdam, but why isn’t anything happening around here? We’re pretty sure we’ve got burlesque talent out here, so we need to go out there and find these girls”

You heard? Now all they need is for you to join the party and submit your application

Mama Ulita