A visit to upscaling design practice Atelier 4/5’s Brussels workshop

Though Jean-François Glorieux and Florent Grosjean both studied architecture, they’ve always had a thing for craftwork and a passion for old furniture. Since 2009 they’ve been transforming and renewing all kinds of pieces in their 120 square metre workshop under the moniker Atelier 4/5. And as if that wasn’t enough, they’re currently in the process of setting up their own architecture firm.

Why was it important for you to take part in the open doors weekend?

It’s the first time we’ve participated in the Design September. We don’t actually really define ourselves as designers. We are architects, originally, and what we to at Atelier 4/5 is make new furniture out of old pieces we find on the street or at fleamarkets. But it’s a great opportunity to show what we do.

Are you presenting anything specific this weekend? 

We’re presenting quite a few of our pieces, including a six-door wardrobe made of recycled formica and planks that we’ve found. Every creation incorporates something old, something used.

What do you hope visitors will gain by visiting your work space?

They can take a look at our workspace and, more importantly, realise that you can make amazing stuff from not very much. People throw away a lot of things because they think they are not usable anymore – but it’s possible to rework them and make something new out of them.

Which studio do you wish would open its doors? 

It would be great to visit the studio of Peter Marigold. He also revives old furniture in a very simple, efficient and ecologic way.

Whose work are you quite big on at the moment? 

We like Studio Hopop who work in the same spirit as us. And Pascal Breucker, who is also exhibiting at Design September.

From 14th to 15th September
Atelier 4/5, Rue de Bodeghemstraat 16-18 -1000 Brussels
Friday 18h00 – 21h00
Saturday 11h00 – 19h00