Exhibition: Veerle Frissen’s theatre of disturbed women

Veerle Frissen, whose intimate portraits have been gracing the magazine’s pages for over a year now, is currently showing her striking Théâtre des Femmes Perturbées series in Ghent’s ZebraStraat.

All the pictures in the exhibition are self-portraits of the photographer in various situations and deal with women’s image. The women depicted aren’t necessarily Veerle and can be seen as “any woman”. They may seem fragile and vulnerable, but are in fact very strong, and the different stereotypes they emanate are exaggerated in such a way that they almost become caricatures.

“It can be seen as a reaction against how women are represented in popular media, with ideas about ideal beauty and sexuality,” explains Veerle. The women in the pictures are subjects of the male gaze but tend to resist this gaze, turning it around by staring back. “I don’t really remember how I got my inspiration for the series,” she says. “It was very personal and partly how I felt back then – I started this series almost two years ago. I recently made some new ones because I really like doing it and because the subject keeps being fascinating.”

Veerle Frissen’s Théâtre des Femmes Perturbées will be on show until 1st May

Zebrastraat 32
9000 Gent