Festival: A weekend in Berlin. In Ghent.

For the past decade, Berlin has forged an undisputable reputation as capital of the arts, music and film. Here’s your chance to immerse in this vibrant scene for an entire weekend, without having to leave the country. For its first edition, the Berlinaire festival will invest the Ghent’s Vooruit cultural centre, bringing the hottest talents of the German capital as well as exploring the connections between both countries. “Berlin definitely plays a major part in today’s art and musical scene,” says artist Steve Schepens, who recently published the Berlin contemporary art: sehen/kaufen/machen book and curated the festival’s art exhibition. “The initial idea took form about two years ago, during organisor David Vandenbroucke’s break in Costa Rica. A lot of the musicians from this Berlin scene go there once a year for a detox,” he jokes. “So we thought it would be great uniting all this talent in one place for a weekend.”

The exhibition When The Circus Leaves Town, curated by Belgian artist Steve Schepens, will take place in the various corridors and the foyers of the Vooruit, showcasing the multidisciplinary nature of the Berlin art scene with works by Belgian artists Johan Tahon, Michaël Borremans, Steve Schepens, as well as Germans Olaf Heine and David Freidrich, and the American Matt Mullican.

Sound-wise, you’ll be treated to the Sound of Berlin’s crème de la crème two nights in a row with performances by Modeselektor, Tiefschwarz, Bodi Bill, Onur Özer, Tobi Neumann, amongst others, and the legendary Bar 25 will invest the venue’s ballroom with its trademark bohemian style, allowing visitors to have the illusion of being in the cult Berlin bar.




The daytime projection of documentaries and films, as well as forums bringing together specialists and major players of the contemporary art scene, discussion will take place in the Brugzaal on the subject ‘art-oriented similarities and contradictions between Ghent and Berlin’.

Inspired by German composer Paul Lincke’s 1904 hymn Das ist die Berliner Luft (This is the Berlin air), the festival will pay tribute to the unique lifestyle and culture of the city.

Berlinaire festival this Friday 8th and Saturday 9th April

At Vooruit

Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 23

9000 Ghent

+32 (0) 9 267 28 28

Full line up and program here