On the streets of Belgium, Part 4: Thomas Ost

The Word Magazine and Fujifilm are partnering up fo Fujifilm’s free photography workshop – already fully booked – centred on the art of street photography, in the presence of Fujifilm Ambassador Ioannis Tsouloulis. Known for his simplistic yet powerful portraits, Ioannis will introduce you to street-style portrait photography using the Fujifilm X Series cameras, covering all aspects from lighting and subject selection. And of course, workshop participants will get the chance to shoot with one of the Fujifilm X Series cameras too, amidst other goodies.

For the occassion, we equipped our own in-house photographers with a Fujifilm X Series camera and sent them out to capture our streets. Last but definitely not least is Thomas Ost, with his series on gradients and the coexistence of form and function. Snapshots straight from the road, looking for new definitions in our daily sceneries as he criss-crossed all over the country. God bless.