Travel photography part four: Maxim Leurentop’s Germany

The last instalment in our series on travel photography takes us to Trippstadt, a small rural village in West Germany, for a seven-day camping adventure with Hove-based photographer-come-graphic designer Maxim Leurentop.

When was the series made?

Almost one year ago, a week before the Pukkelpop drama. So that must be somewhere  in August. I remember crossing the border from Germany back to Belgium by car. We were laughing because we had like 7 days of non-stop sunshine and as we saw the belgian border, lightning struck. All of a sudden the car started break dancing/swimming and the sky was doing an audition for stroboscope of the year 2011. The laughter turned into 2 shitty pants. We were right in the middle of that storm…

What was your exact itinerary?

I took off from ghetto Hove (a small rural village near Antwerp) in a pimped out Renault Twingo with stickers of plants on it. The hippie jet-fighter look-a-like drove us in a couple of hours to our destination called TRIPPSTADT. A small message to the ministry of roads in Belgium, German roads are like flying in business class while ours would be bitch ass class! (lower than economy class.)

Where did you stay, how long did you stay?

I stayed in Trippstadt Germany at a elderly camping surrounded by dutch people. The cheapest with loads of star ratings and a free beehive next to us! But what I loved the most was the reception and top class restaurant styled by a 90 year old semi-blind granny with a passion for Tirol. Heavenly!

What is your favourite photograph from the series, and why?

The one with the pink house. It is captured at the beating heart of Trippstadt and it is the best presentation of it. Trippy houses, trippy colours and trippy peaceful… Like a grandma’s wet dream.

Did you meet anyone out of the ordinary that somehow defined the trip?

We were barbecuing at the campsite in the sun next to the water with some good belgian beer. While the beer kicked in, one of those lovely  grandma’s  appeared with her grandchild on a leash. Is this what they call a culture shock or was the old lady just making a fashion statement? I will never know…

What was one stand-out moment from the trip?

Realising after 5 nights that there were creatures (like a lynx) enjoying our trash. We thought al those nights that it were those nasty s.m. (sado masochism) Tiroler grannies doin’ dirty stuff with our trash. In the end we were wrong.

Who were you travelling with, if anyone?

I was traveling with my well organized and best friend Stig!  (The guy with the porn moustache and the olskool pyjamas.)

What is the next trip you have planned?

To Amsterdam! I am going for an internship at this bad ass graphic design studio called OK200. And will be there from August till November. But I am actually still looking’ for a place for 2, so if somebody could help me contact me at!