As this year’s Young Belgian Art Prize finalists make a buzz around town, we got a couple of the pre-selection jury members to answer our questions. You’ll hear from Florent Bex, honorary director at MUKHA, Marie-Noelle Dailly and Benoit Dusart from Incise, Senior Curator at M-Museum Leuven, Eva Wittocx, Tania Nasielski from 105Besme, and SMAK’s senior curator Martin German. First up is Florent Bex: honorary president of the Association of Belgian Art Critics (AICA), curator and organizer of 600+ exhibits, and he had a hand in numerous publications. He gives us a short wise word on narrowing the selection of portfolios for the international jury to make the final decision.



Photo courtesy of Flor Bex

How does participating in a jury like this make your every day more interesting?

It is always fascinating to discover new young artists. As an art lover I am constantly on the lookout for surprises.

If anything, what would you have liked to see more of?

My problem is that, due to my age, I am confronted with many “déja-vus”!

Can you talk to us about the selection process?

The Belgian pre-selection jury is a good idea, but results in a choice made by the majority, and thus is always a compromise because every member of the jury has a strong and personal view.

Looking at the shortlist, can you pinpoint any major shifts/changes in the way Belgian contemporary art is evolving?

I regret that more and more young artists are dealing with an (for me too prominent) theoretical approach. A work of art should be appealing in a visual and sensorial way in the first place – reflection can follow later.

The Young Belgian Art Prize finalists are exhibited at BOZAR until September 13th, 2015.

Feature image: Hamza Halloubi, ‘Late exhibition view.’ Copyright Philippe De Gobert.