11 iconic new wave tracks from Belgium

In the run-up to the release of our book This is Belgium and to mark legendary 80s new wave act Lavvi Ebbel’s concert at our 25th April book launch, we asked Antwerp-based Starman Records label boss Felix Huybrechts to compile a list of 11 of his favourite Belgian new wave tracks for us. A crash-course in Belgium’s dense musical heritage, the list, which even includes one of the few Belgian bands to have signed to Manchester’s famed Factory Records, pays tribute to the many obscure acts that roamed the country circa 1979-1984.

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1. Aroma Di Amore – ‘Voor De Dood’ (1983)

Brilliant band, still active today with the amazing lyrics of Elvis Peeters.


2. The Kids – ‘Some day’ (1979)

From punk to new wave, the third album of the Kids is one of the greatest albums of Belgian music history.


3. Red Zebra – ‘Man comes from ape’ (1981)

Classic new wave band with singer/performer Peter Slabbynck, active again under the name Ex Rz.

4. Siglo XX – ‘La vie dans la nuit’ (1981)

From Limburg, with the closing coal mines and Joy Division right around the corner.


5. Secret Life – ‘Aggression’ (1984)

Cult band from Antwerp.


6. De Brassers – ‘Kontrole’ (1980)

Flemish version of PiL, a song about when the police used to spend all their time checking the ID cards of those who looked like punks.


7. Berntholer – ‘My suitor’ (1983)

Original sounding band from Brussels.


 8. Lavvi Ebbel – ‘Give me a gun’ (1982)

From Aalst, a unique and original band with Luckas Vander Taelen as frontman. Just released a new compilation album.


9. Marine – ‘Life in reverse’ (1981)

Originally from the Brussels punk scene, and later evolved into Allez Allez and La Muerte.


10. The Names – ‘Calcutta’ (1981)

One of the few Belgian bands singed by the legendary Factory label from Manchester (see Joy Division, New Order).


11. TC Matic – ‘Le java’ (1982)

Together with dEUS, quite possibly the best band Belgium ever had. This track is typically Belgian, lots of languages!



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