Brussels-based label Vlek Records, who list Belgian music makers Cupp Cave, Ssaliva, Sagat and Squeaky Lobster as members of its celebrated clan, have an aptitude for rooting out delectable new sounds. The Vlek team look back on 2012 and pick their very favourite new tracks of the year, compiling them in a Word-exclusive mix. Yes, just for us. Scroll down for a listen and the full tracklist, which includes Panda Bear‘s experimental electro landscapes as well as French New Wave from Trisomie 21

Tsegue Maryam Gebrou: Homeless Wonderer

Andrew Pekler: The Twilight of Your Smile

Arafat Group – WHITE PRISON/WHITE FACE/WHITE OIL/WHITE PETROL+Demdike Stare: Horrific Child

Ssaliva: AVE

Lapalux: Strangling You With The Cord

Pye Corner Audio: The Mirror Ball Cracked

Hieroglyphic Being: The lost transmission

Scorpion Violente: Christopher Walken

Toulouse Low Trax: Sa Eline

Zombie Zombie: The Wisdom of Stones

Beak: Mono

Vessel: Misery Is A Communicable Disease

Trisomie 21: Coming from the Darkness

Dean Blunt: Track 2

mm\km: Birds Flying In The Sun Like U Know How

Lee Gamble: Plos97’s

Fluxion: Eruption (Morphosis remix)

Rrose: Prime Guard

Suum Cuique: Kuiper Anomaly

Panda Bear: Surfer’s hymn (Actress Primitive Patterns remix)

Daphni: Pairs

Andres: New For U

Köhn: Gandavum II