Brussels-based trio Dalai Lama Renaissance, fresh from the release of their debut EP ‘I know You Will’ on their own Dandelion Lotus Records label, stand out from the crowd with their very own special brand of soft and subtle soundscapes that are located somewhere in the space between alternative pop and electronica. These fresh-faced up-and-comers have created (especially for The Word!) a 22-track exclusive mix that’s typical DLR, taking you on a trip to a lonely island, a breezy, windy and melancholic one. And it’s been on repeat in the office ever since we got it. Scroll down for a short interview and listen to the full mix.

Can you describe the mix in a few words?

Well, before I make a mixtape I always try to think of a theme and concept that I try to translate into a mixture of sounds. I had a picture of a greyish island in mind, with huge cliffs. That’s why I tried to make it breezy, windy, watery, melancholic, purple-ish. I also tried recreating the temporal effect of waves throughout the mixtape, with smaller and bigger ups and downs rather than one big climax.

Can you tell us about the exclusive track on the mix?

It’s pretty exclusive, we normally don’t share tracks until they’re completely finished. This one is a real special one, it’s darker than our usual sound. It originated from a nice rough sketch that Tom made on his laptop with guitar, voice & some samples. We sort of patched it up in the studio, but in essence it’s still the same. I hope it’ll be released on the next album, but we still have to work on it.

When and where did you record the mix?

Over a period of two days, at the weekend, in the early morning. Where? In my bed, at the breakfast table and in the studio.

What’s your favourite track on it?

Klaus – Tusk from the Tusk 12″ released on R&S Records. It’s amazing. Next level electronica. Seriously.

What do you have coming up in the next few weeks?

Preparing for live sets…!

DJ set at The Word’s orange album release party. We might do something with some vocals too, if we’re in the mood. DJ set & Live set at Tribes Gathering Festival on 8th of April. And working working working working working on our forthcoming full album on Dandelion Lotus Records. The tracks get better with each revision. Just when I thought we were done recording, we keep on improving tracks. I love it, but you’ve got to say “stop”. We’re finishing up.

Oh, and more releases from great artists on Dandelion Lotus Records. Yay.


1. Tim Hecker – October – Haunt Me Do It Again – [Substractif]

2. Lukid – Chord – Chord – [Werk]

3. Mount Kimbie – Carbonated – Crooks & Lovers – [Hotflush Recordings]

4. Sigha – Expansions – Bruised/Expansions 12”- [Hotflush Recordings]

5. William Basinski – Untitled [As If]

6. The XX – Fantasy – [Young Turks]

7. Jan Jelinek – Rock in Video – Loop Finding Jazz Records [Scape]

8. James Blake – At Birth – Love What Happened Here 12” – [R&S Records]

9. Kanye West – Love Lockdown 808 [Coroporate Machine]

10. Jan Jelinek – Drift – Loop Finding Jazz Records [Scape]

11. Tim Hecker – 100 Years – An Imaginery Country [Kranky]

12. Klaus – Tusk – Tusk 12” EP [R&S Records]

13. Bambooman – Movements [///]

13. Eagles of Death Metal – I Only Want You [Peace, Love & Death Metal]

14. Holy Other – Yr Love [Tri Angle Records]

15. Fever Ray – Triangle Walks – Fever Ray [Rabid Records]

16. The Books – Take Time – The Lemon of Pink 12” [TomLab]

17. Kammerflimmer Kollektief – Jinx – Jinx 12” [Staubgold]

18. Washed Out – Good Luck – High Times Casette [Mirror Universe Tapes]

19. Dalai Lama Renaissance – unreleased track

20. Andy Stott – New Ground – Passed Me By 12” [Modern Love]

21. Radiohead – Feral – The King Of Limbs [XL Recordings]

22. Grouper – Black Blood – Wide 12” [Weird Forest Records]