Dig this: 15 oddball Belgian new wave, disco and house cuts

With pre-orders for our new and updated edition of This is Belgium now open, we’ve compiled a selection of 15 tracks that, rumour has it, will be included on the 75-track ripped CD-R of iconic Belgian cuts that’ll be sent out together with the book. Some old stuff, some new stuff, lots of Crammed Discs and Marc Hollander stuff as well as a 5-track Deewee Records-special to end things on the dancefloor. Bam bam.

  1. Des Airs – Lovely Lady of the Roses

An absolute beaut of a track. Actually a cover of Dudley Moore. One of the first bands signed to Marc Hollander’s cult imprint Crammed Discs. Goosebumps galore.

  1. Anna Domino – With the Day Comes the Dawn

The majestic Anna Domino and her exquisite nonchalance. Off the album East and West released on Les Disques du Crepuscules in 1984, with Arbeid Adelt!’s Luc Van Acker on electronic duties.

  1. The Names – Nightshift

New wave post-punk/new wave act from Brussels. This track came out as a 7” in 1981 on iconic British label Factory Records. The band’s first full-length releases as well as following ones came out on Les Disques du Crepuscule.

  1. Tuxedomoon – No tears

Cult post-punk track by cult post-punk act. Out on Crammed Discs.

  1. Minimal Compact – Next One is Real

Israeli rock outfit whose first four releases came out on Crammed Discs. This is off 1984’s Deadly Weapons, and features Marc Hollander on wind duties.

  1. Minimal Compact – Statik Dancin

All killer. Straight dance floor stomper. Video was shot in Brussels in 1981.

  1. COS – Frau Y Mann

Soft-disco piece by Daniel Schell and his prog-rock pioneers released on their last album, 1982’s Pasiones.

  1. Princess Mansia Mbila – Ozakaye

Released on 1987’s Princesse Mansia M’Bila, this is Congotronics at its best. The vocals alone are to die for. Video description comes with the following mention: “Ce disque a été reálisé par ordinateur avec la composition musicale.” Bless.

  1. Zazou / Bikaye / Cy1 – Lamuka

Off Zazou’s 1983 monumental full-length Noir et Blanc released on Crammed Discs. Arranged by French composer Hector Zazou, and featuring Aksak Maboul’s Vincent Kenis on guitar as well as Marc Hollander on clarinet. Could have this track on endless repeat.

  1. Zazou Bikaye & Cy1 – Dju Ya Feza

Tribal dance floor stomper.

  1. Emmanuelle – Free wifi

Italo-disco. Deewee love 01.

  1. Bolis Pupul – Moon theme

Haunting and hypnotic house killer. Deewee love 02.

  1. Philipi & Rodrigo – Karma

Brazilian DJ duo with exotic dancefloor grooves. Deewee love 03.

  1. Die Verboten – White Island

Die Verboten is the Dewaele brothers, Riton and his brother-in-law. Krautrock disco. Deewee love 04.

  1. Soulwax featuring Chloe Sevigny

Soulwax and motherfucking Chloe Sevigny. ‘nuff said. Deewee love 05.