Dig this: 8 essential Dominique Lawalree cuts

Dominique Lawalree (1954) is a Brussels-based composer, pianist and arranger with a catalogue that counts more than 450 recordings. With most of his output underpinned by strong spiritual tendencies, his music is an escape, a relentless search for inner space and serenity. Often described as hailing from the ‘New Simplicity’ movement – think pared down, minimalistic piano arrangements – Lawalree’s compositions, little known outside a circle of initiated, effortlessly straddle classical, minimal and ambient genres – perfect soundtrack music. And, to mark the inclusion of his 1978 album Brins d’Herbes in the new and updated edition of Thiis iis Belgiium, we’ve selected 8 essential Lawalree tracks to add to your playlist.

1. Dominique Lawalree – Rainy Sunday: Dimanche Pluvieux, 6’32 – Clandestin, 1982 6:32

With Lawalree on piano, electric piano, synthesizer and percussion duties. Wait for the break at 2’02.

2. Dominique Lawalrée ‎– First meeting, 5’11 – Traces, 1978

Dark, somber and experimental. Chilling murder music.

3. Dominique Lawalrée ‎– Aux alentours, 10’45 – Le Choix Du Titre Est Un Faux Problème, 1977

Dramatic, heavy-rhythm piano.

4. Dominique Lawalrée ‎– Listen to the quiet voice, 3’55 – Vis A Vis, 1979

Break up music. Recorded on a Bösendorfer Imperial piano at Etterbeek’s Collège St Michel

5. Dominique Lawalrée – Waiting for the Bus, 3’48 – Traces, 1978

Contemporary classical music, with hints of percussions.

6. Dominique Lawalrée – Minimum II, 2’40 – Traces, 1978

Eerie and hypnotic minimal synth piece.

7. Dominique Lawalree – Le secret blanc, 14’27 – Clandestin, 1982

Beautiful and poetic 14-minute-long gem that grows in intensity.

8. Dominique Lawalree – La Maison des 5 elements, 9’34 – Clandestin, 1982

Layers upon layers of piano, electric piano and even synths.