Favourite Belgian releases: Fabrice Havenne aka Dj Mixsoup

Fabrice Havenne, known to most as DJ Mixsoup, lived in Brussels for 15 years before moving to Berlin over four years ago. Having first worked as a booker, he now operates as a Community Manager for a variety of clients, of which Brussels’ Festival des Libertés and famed record label Sub Rosa.

1. Carl – Le chien (« Où poser des yeux ? », Humpty Dumpty Records 2011)

Strong lyrics associated with alternative beats. Nicely created by Noza

2. Madensuyu – Ti:ME (« D is Done », Digital Piss Factory 2008)

Saw the band many times live, loved their raw energy and rage, between Sonic Youth & Joy Division as was once said.. .Maybe. Wicked two first albums anyway and nice chaps too.

3. Köhn – the ocean that has no west and no east (« We need more space in the cosmos », Kraak 2009).

From one of my favourite Belgian labels. I recently discovered Köhn thanks to a visit to Veals & Geeks (one of my favourite record stores in Brussels) and loved it immediately, also because of its connection to krautrock and vintage synths, which I’ve been discovering more and more of since moving to Berlin.

4. Kosmose – untitled tracks (« Kosmic Music From The Black Country 1973-78 », Sub Rosa 2015).

Cult recordings – think early Pink Floyd with a krautrock approach – at last made available by Sub Rosa last year. I’ve been discovering and enjoying a ton of obscure stuff since I started working for them.

5. BRNS – « Mexico » (« Wounded », Louis Records 2012)

Energetic first single from one of Brussels’ best bands at the moment. Must be seen live too.

6. Flat Earth Society – « Experiments in the revival of organisms » (« 13 », Igloo Records 2013).

Crazy big band that exists since 1999 and emerged from Peter Vermeersch’s X-Legged Sally. Experimental-jazz-brassband-soundtracks to make it short. Here, they remake the « soundtrack for this [freaky] anonymous Soviet film, based on experiments with hearts, lungs and guinea pig dogs to demonstrate what science as such is capable of ».

7. Romain Tardy / Squeaky Lobster – The Ark (visual label ANTIVJ, 2013)

Perfect combination between the visual creativity of Romain and the music of Squeaky Lobster. Could have added many tracks released by Vlek in this selection.

8. Caroloregians – « Donna Donna » (« Funkify Your Reggay », Groover Records 2010).

Really underrated Belgian band mixing early Jamaican Reggae with 60’s funk. Also a band to be enjoyed live.

9. Black Flower – The legacy of Prester John (« Abyssinia Afterlife », Zephyrus Records 2014).

Touched by this band and its reappropriation of Ethiopian music – cfr. Mulatu Astatke & Getatchew Mekurya a.o. – I picked this track but I could have put many others. Think ethiopique, (spiritual) jazz, oriental music…

10. Dans Dans – «Bloed & Dromen » (« 3 », Unday Records 2014).

As Arte recently said  about their live gig at Jazzahead 2016 : « Jazz without boredom, rock without blinkers and Avantgarde without arrogance fitted into original arrangements.”

11. Neon Judgement – “Tv Treated” (“Tv Treated” 1980)

This band was among the first Belgian act I discovered (with Siglo XX and Front 242) through tapes way back when.

12. Moondog Jr – « Jintro & The Great Luna » (« Jintro & The Great Luna « , Island Records 1980)

Wanted to pick up some tracks by Stef Kamil Carlens’s A Beatband as well. Big fan of the guy, also within dEUS when the band still had  Rudy Trouvé in it. Saw Zita Swoon at Cirque Royal a few years back – where the band took so many risks on stage and besides it – for what is still one of the best concerts I saw until this day.

13. De Beren Gieren – « Rebel Jazz to Rebel Against » (album « One mirrors many », Cleanfeed Records 2015).v

Not always easy to stay up-to-date on what comes out of Belgium when you live in Berlin. This one was brought to my attention by Kurt Overbergh – thanks for that again.

Catch Dj Mixsoup at Café Maison du Peuple in Brussels on the 17th of June or at Charleroi’s Fête de la Musique, Le Vecteur, on the 18th of June.

Join us on Thursday 16th June at Bozar for a night of locals only concerts (Sale Gosse, It It Anita and KZK) and DJ sets (soFa and Sixsixsixties) to mark the release of our June-July edition