Favourite Belgian Releases: Locked Groove

Tim Van de Meutter, better known as DJ-cum-producer Locked Groove, was born just outside Antwerp. Growing up raiding his dad’s record collection – which first introduced him to Belgium music – here he lays down 10 of his all-time favourite releases. The Berlin-based producer is back in town for one night – playing this Saturday in Ampere – and is sure to bring his eclectic knack for transitioning between classic Chicago house and gritty industrial rhythms. Don’t sleep.

Visuals provided by Erick Faulkner (c).

Polar Praxis – Music for Fireworks (2016)

Probably one of my favourite Belgian records of all time. I kept this one in the vaults for a long time – before it got repressed that is. A definite must if you’re into proto-techno.

Bene Gesserit – Kidnapping (1984)

There are so many Bene Gesserit tracks that I love, so it’s hard to pick a favourite. But, this track is up there as one of them. The whole thing doesn’t really make sense – I love the kind of warped-pop vibe.

Aksak Maboul – Saure Gurke (1977)

The ultimate Proto-Rave track, with the famous chord progression that so many tracks used at a later stage. But, made famous in 1977 way before there was even the slightest mention of raving!

Alain Pierre – Zonder Titel (1985)

Released on Nosedrip’s Stroom label, this is a fantastic synth soundtrack produced by Alain Pierre. Every track is a beauty, so I really recommend listening to the whole thing through.

Madou – Niets is Voor Altijd (1982)

I found this record at a thrift store years ago. Initially, I just picked it up for the cover, but it turned out to be a great find. In my opinion, this is definitely the best track from the record.

DJ Valium – Summer of the Cat (1998)

This track is a no-messing Belgian techno from DJ Valium. What I love most is the weird synths and the general wonky feel to it.

Aura – Energy Transpose (1995)

Stone-cold retro house killer. It’s so cheesy, but I can’t not like this.

The Mackenzie – No Promises (1990)

Me and Red D did an extended edit of this one. But, this is the original. A beautiful balearic house track.

Roland van Campenhout & Admiral Freebe – Hissing O’ the Heath (2008)

In this track it’s the bass line that appeals to me. A super slow greasy track for when you’ve had one too many.

Hiele – Glow (2013)

A track off the first record Hiele did with Eckster Records and still the record I like the most of his. The whole package is also really nice, from the poster inside to the artwork.