First things first: Yokai (with free download)

We couldn’t quite believe our ears the first time we gave this Brussels-based band’s debut EP a listen. A mix of psychedelic afro-funk with an energy to rival even the most vociferous of dancing tribesmen, the grooves that emanate from this killer four-track have literally got the entire office bobbing their heads in delight with a big fat smile on our faces. Here, in the third instalment of our new First Things First series of interviews, the band opens up about telepathy, hopes of reliving the first time they dropped acid and losing it to their track Pink lady – which also happens to be our favourite.

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A word about your name

The word would be, the djinns. Yokai is a Japanese word. It represents invisible entities that evolve everywhere around us in life and in our dreams. The yokai is the playground for the unspeakable powers moving our souls and their manifestation in this world. We see them as disturbing, funny little geniuses, the djinns in arabic. Playing with yokai is like calling them in the middle of the circle.

A word about your music

We are looking for telepathy. As we play Physio-Psychic music inspired by jazz – as improvised interaction, but by electronic and danceable music as well – as a transelike experience, we play and practice connection, trying to deliver a very powerful collective sound, trying to create it as much as possible on the spot. Each performance is different. Come listen to us!

A word about your hometown

There’s so much to say about Brussels…

Somewhere between Berlin, Amsterdam, London, Barcelona and Paris… not so far from Sardinia or Athens… somewhere between parties and grey skies, between Ups and Downs from rain and sunny terraces. Too many tourists and eurocrats yet very fresh and cosmopolitical… Contrasts, hugely beautiful and surrealist, mosques and synagogues, old and young people drinking beers under the sun sometimes, many surprises between night and day… Give Brussels some time and care, you won’t regret it! And the musical scene is exactly the reflection of all that! Alive!!! And kicking? Come and see for yourself.

The hardest thing about getting this release out?

Find the right mixer! Copyright matters and collective thinking. Hard but exciting!

A habit you had during recording this release?

Playing as if we were on stage! Too much!

A beginner’s mistake you made whilst preparing this release?

Thinking and saying we would respect the time schedule fixed in the beginning of the process. Spring spring spring…

The first track to which you completely lost it

Pink lady!

What “making it” means to you?

Travel and have fun, play your music for people around the globe. Even small audiences… And learning, always learning!

What first experience would you like to re live?

First acid…

The first band tshirt you ever got

Public Image Limited, Motörhead, Pink Floyd: The Wall …

Your favourite debut by another band?

Pink Floyd “The piper…”, “A saucerful of secrets”, Jeff Buckley “Grace”, …

What your parents think of your music?

They don’t think about it; they sometimes dance to it…or not.

Where you’re going to next?

Studio again, new songs, more concerts. Touring! Party!

A band we should be keeping an eye out for

Fumaça Preta, Jungle by night, Joy as a Toy, Jahwar and Kangling

What question should we have asked you that we did not?

You shouldn’t have ask this last question, definitely not…

Listen to Yokai debut EP over on their Bandcamp page.