Brussels-based DJ Jazz Neversleeps, signed by On-point, is known for excessive genre-hopping that explores all corners of the dancefloor. Heavy tracks such as ‘Diepgank’, are played in renowned clubs like Berlin’s Berghain, but with this Word-exclusive Valentine’s mix, he reveals a bit of his softer side. It’s a trip into soul, funk, disco and boogie, or “One to cruise to, alone, or with your loved one”, according to the artist. Scroll down for the full interview and have a listen to his ‘Hard On Your Love’ mix.

Can you describe this mix in a couple of words?

One to cruise to, alone, or with your loved one. Although I like symbols, I’m not a Valentine person. It’s nice to give attention to the one you love when they least expect it. A cliché, but true.

When and where did you record it?

Last week, about 250 miles from my fiancée.

What is your favourite track on it?

All of them… Although I’d say a tie between Kleeer / Never Cry Again and Larry Heard / Another Night. Both songs are heavenly sex. Oh lawd!

What do you have coming up in the next few weeks?

Next vinyl EP on the On-Point mothership. Bi-monthly residency at Club Up in Amsterdam starting in March. Participating in the RBMA Bass Camp in March and right after that, London.


Howard Johnson – So Fine (1982 A&M)

The Deele – Stimulate (1985 Solar)

Kleeer – Never Cry Again (1985 Atlantic)

Surface – Falling In Love (1983 Salsoul)

Larry Heard – Another Night (2001 Track Mode)

Larry Heard – What About This Love (1989 Alleviated)

Royalle Delite – Freak For You (1984 Streetwave)

Maseratay – Never Let You Go (Unknown)

Kashif – Stone Love (1983 Arista)

Ca$hflow – Can’t Let Love Pass Us By (1986 Club)

Westwood & Cash – Psycho For Your Love (2011 PPU / 1983 Southern Sun)

Angela Bofill – Let Me Be The One (1984 Arista)

Aurra – Still Free (1982 Salsoul)

Michael Cooper – Over And Over (1989 Reprise)

Patience – This Is All I Can Say (1979 Sounds On Solid Grounds)

Slave – For The Love Of U (1981 Cotillion)