Le1f, Saint Saviour and Foreign Fields


We promise not to write about a gay rapper every two weeks (Frank Ocean two weeks ago), but we just have to introduce you to Le1f. Given the success of ladies like Nicki Minaj, M.I.A. and Azealia Banks it was about time a guy entered this whole “semi-mainstream rap” market. His debut mixtape Dark York did not get a lot of buzz up until he released the video for mixtape highlight Wut, in which he makes good use of his sexuality, sexy moves and booty. The beat is bad ass but the song itself is very playful, just like most other songs on Dark York. Swag!


Saint Saviour

Becky Jones for her friends, Saint Saviour for everyone else – this young lady has been paving her path for the past couple of years, yet recently self-released her very own debut album Union. She worked and toured with Groove Armada  and HURTS have also taken her along on one of their tours – those are nice things to put on your resumé, aren’t they? Clearly signs that her voice and music are of a certain quality, something we definitely agree with. Her sound balances between electronic pop and rather sentimental piano-based songs, which makes her Union a very interesting experience – you stumble from one surprise to another, but always get to hear that very bright voice she’s graced with.


Foreign Fields

There’s so much music to be found on Bandcamp one lifetime would not be long enough to listen to all of it. Every now and then though, a gem stands out from the pack, and Foreign Fields are very much it for the moment. These boys hail from Nashville but escaped to record their debut album Anywhere But Where I Am in the winter’esque Wisconsin. Their music harks back to the likes of Bon Iver and Fleet Foxes – nostalgic folk that can make you feel really sad. Sad in a very good way though. You can listen to it in the Summer on the beach whilst enjoying the sun or in the Winter beneath your blanket with a cup of hot cacao – it’s basically fit for all sorts of occasions. Oh, and did we already mention it’s free? Well, it is, so head over to their Bandcamp right now and treat yourself to a copy (you can also buy the actual CD or vinyl, as the band decided to self-release the album given their recent success).