Belgium’s Onda Sonora is a dynamic DJ duo made up of Yoeri Bellemans (27) and Bart Sibiel (36) who we profiled a little while ago for our series on Belgian two-pieces. The pair have a weekly radio show on FM Brussel, and they also happen to be the creative brains behind Brussels’ infamous “Our Party”. Having always cultivated a name for supporting homegrown rising stars, they haven’t let us down with this exclusive mix they’ve whipped up for The Word. “It is a mix of Belgian & Dutch music by beatmakers we’ve discovered through RELEASE (a project we do with On-Point, Laid Back and Eckelwood) and the 22tracks Future Beats list we compile together with Alex Deforce from On-Point. There’s quite a lot ‘exclusives’ as it is music artists sent us to get feedback.” Listen to the mix below, and read their interview about the mix just after. 

Can you describe your DJ act/band in a few words?

Onda Sonora has been championing “fresh” music for twelve years now as DJs, organisers, radio hosts and whatnot. “Fresh” meaning what sounds original and inspiring, whether it be old or new or genre-transcending. Our musical spectrum goes from vintage soul and disco to jazz-funk, hip-hop and wave to all kinds of electronic music. Other threads are rawness and honesty. If we could take dancers on a journey, they’d be dancing to Marvin Gaye, Ebo Taylor, ESG, Martin Dupont, Marshall Jefferson as well as to Thundercat, Theo Parrish, Peven Everett and Pearson Sound.

Can you describe the mix in a few words?

This mix is an extension of what we do as part of RELEASE, a project that supports DIY artists, and also as curators of the Future Beats list on the Brussels version of, together with Alex Deforce from It’s made up of music we got from Belgian and Dutch producers trying to make their mark in the vast universe of DIY electronica. With a couple of tracks from more well-known beatmakers with their roots in Belgium, for good measure. It’s mostly unreleased stuff as we’re usually one of the first to hear the music outside of the inner circle of the people who’ve made it. It’s all music we believe in and think should reach a bigger audience. Even the so-called more established ones.

Can you tell us about the exclusive track on the mix?

There’s quite a few exclusives on here. All the unreleased ones are pretty much exclusive. Not so much because they’re well-shielded from public attention. On the contrary, some of them you can hear on the artists soundcloud, some not. Most of the artists are still struggling to claim their share of the spotlight, and it’s something we like helping them with. 1352.harmonics and Sagat hooked us up with their track after we asked if they had music we could use for this mix. Both are producers we’ve been following for a while and it’s nice to see them evolving and slowly getting somewhere. Sagat will be releasing an EP on Vlek records soon, for example.

When and where did you record the mix?

At home. Recovering after a festival weekend in England. Making the best of a day off.

What’s your favourite track on it?

There are two tracks with special meaning. The JtotheC one as he’s an artist we helped “break through” with RELEASE. We sort of forced him to go on stage at the first edition of it and he went on to do nice things from there. It’s also pretty exclusive as virtually no one but us and the people involved have heard it before. It’ll be out in a few weeks on on-point records. It’s a sign of our friendship with Alex, Jazz and JC.

The other one is the Pomrad track. Myself and Alex stumbled upon his Soundcloud many months ago in search for tracks for our 22tracks list. We’ve had a few in there since. This track features on his debut EP, which has generated quite a buzz with national radio play. After we discovered his music, we found out we had connections with his crew (Belgium’s a small place, after all) but the fact that we liked it instantly without knowing who was behind it and the current hype around him proves we’re doing our job of searching for talent and attracting attention, honestly and well.

What do you have coming up in the next few weeks?

We play at Superfly in Liege on June 2nd. We’re very excited about that. it’s the first time we play in the French speaking part of our country. Lovely city too. Then there’s the 1st anniversary party at Beursschouwburg of 22tracks Brussels, that’s on June 22nd. The day after that we have our own party, aptly titled OUR PARTY, with Paul Trouble Anderson as our main guest. It’s at Bronks in Brussels. Musically, that may seem many miles away from this mix but to us it all makes perfect sense.


Dynooo – Luciid Glow – Unreleased

Saint Helena Dove – Amethyst (Kwerfvaste Flip) – Unreleased

Jealov – All I Try – Mush Records

Jameszoo – Slaves Mass – Kindred Spirits

1352.Harmonics – Spacecall of Duty – Unreleased

Richard Colvaen – Polimetria – Vlek Records

Bang Haas – Autism –Unreleased

Flash Grimey – Sprokkelswag – Self-released

Pomrad – Vlotjes – Oh Wee Records

Debruit – ATA – Civil Music

Kijk Een Ster – RMDTRN feat. Mo – Saturate Records

JtotheC – Sweet Rendez-Vous (Jazz Neversleeps Remix) – Soon to be released on On-Point Records

Loscobeats – #11 – Unreleased

ARP 101 – Mystery Man – Eglo Records

MonkeyRobot – Rosé Gris – Unreleased

Julian Edwardes –Autumn Bleeds – Lomechanik Records

Sound Of Stereo – Diamond (Seiren IDM Remix  of Errorism Remix) – Unreleased

Forget Me Not – What Were You Gonna Say (Gullfisk Remix) – Diamond & Raw Records

Wildcookie – Heroine (Wantigga Remix) – Soulection Records

Sagat – Wares – Unreleased

40Winks – Only Love – Project Mooncircle Records