Ryan Hemsworth, Dan Bodan, Southern Shores

Ryan Hemsworth

Canadian producer Ryan Hemsworth has been busy. He’s been churning out stuff for over a year already, but it took him several efforts before the bigger blogs and websites caught on. His latest EP “Last Words” is probably his most solid and most praised work so far, and the EP comes complete with stellar remixes by the likes of Shlohmo and Supreme Cuts, two other rising producers. Hip-hop is the essence of his sound, but he combines it with samples, inspiring rhythms and bloopy beats. Hemsworth’s “Last Words” will hopefully be anything but.


Dan Bodan

DFA Records, home to many great artists, like LCD Soundsystem and The Rapture, have just signed Dan Bodan. The Berlin-born redhead wunderkind is a bit like Hot Chip, one of the UK’s biggest and most influential electro pop bands. On his double-sided debut single Aaron / DP, Bodan sings about love; and with a voice this appealing, he was born for it. The former is about a  (lost) love of his, with Bodan lists the reasons he’d sleep with you in the latter. It’s refreshing electronic pop, the kind of stuff you’d like to hear early in the morning right before you leave the club. Slow-paced and smooth, it was made for slow-dancing.


Southern Shores

The summer (a rhetorical one, if you’re in Belgium) is drawing to a close; the leaves are getting ready to fall off the trees and we’ve started our search for extra blankets. Southern Shores however, are keeping summer alive with their cocktail of tropical pop and samples. Drenched in summer vibes and fiesta, SS could convince a snowman to dance, with song titles like “Take Me Anywhere”, “Tangier Winds” and “Grande Comore” and their sunny, laid-back allure. Take The Tough Alliance, send them on a holiday to a desert island with a box full of samples and what you get is Southern Shores. The duo call NY/London label Cascine – who have a specific love for Nordic pop – their home, and it’s the label on which they’ll be releasing their forthcoming new EP “New World”.