Following hot on the heels of yesterday’s mix by Rick Shiver, Brussels-based DJ Walrus presents this exclusive Berlin-inspired brew to get you in the mood for The Word’s German launch at Motto Berlin tomorrow. “It’s a selection which reflects my style as a music lover and DJ,” says Walrus, a familiar face behind the decks at Holger, Vicuna and Fuse and who runs Bepotel Records together with fellow muso buddies Sagat and &apos. 

When and where did you record the mix?

Last Friday in my studio using two technics and an a&h mixer. Wax into logic. Gotta stay true to the game – and yourself.

Can you tell us about the exclusive track?

I can’t  … that’s why I called it “unknown”. They’re close friends from Brussels, eum … not really from Brussels, but working hard in Brussels !

What’s your favourite track on it?

Huerco S is on top of things. A super original and joyful approach to house music.

Have you ever been to Berlin? 

Yeah, a few times. Overrated. Brussels is way better!

What’s next?

Organising a rooftop party, moving apartment, finishing tracks, finishing remixes with the Bepotel guys, deejaying & reading books in the South of France.

Screen Shot 2013-06-25 at 14.36.30

01. Unknown – Jaw Bread

02. Shwet Musali – All Fucking Night

03. Flori – Dusty Socks

04. Huerco S. – Apheleia’s Theme

05. Ike Release – Phazzle

06. KM/MM – Birds Flying In The Sun Like U Know How

07. Simoncino – Easing The Cosmic Streets

08. Joe Drive – Raindance

09. 3 Chairs – Demi Gods