Paying their customary visit to the Nuits Botanique, the Black Lips once more ripped the venue’s Orangerie to shreds. The self-proclaimed “flower-punks” are currently on the road presenting Arabia Mountain, their sixth effort – produced by pop maestro and instant hitmaker Mark Ronson of all people. And whilst these new tracks resolutely sounded more “flower” than “punk”, the Atlanta-based quartet’s older anthems such as Bad Kids, O Katrina! or Drugs didn’t fail to set the sweat and beer-drenched front row moshers in a raging frenzy, resulting in stage invasions, sing alongs, countless stage dives, and even some skateboarding. But that was nothing compared to our true warrior of a photographer’s spectacular stage dive followed by a crowd surf during which she somehow managed to keep snapping the action (video footage of that epic moment will follow shortly). She caught up with singer and guitarist Cole Alexander at the gig’s afterparty, held at the DNA, for a notebook interview and impromptu photoshoot in the city’s cult hangout.

Interview and photography Yana Foqué

1. What’s on your mind?

Fights and smells. I want to control them more at our shows.

2. Favourite albums of the month are…

I haven’t listened to many albums, more just songs.

3. Arabia Mountain is going to be released next month. What inspired you to make this album?

South-American folk music.

Hip-Hop – S&W (instrument).

4. In the two years it took to write, create and record the album – What has changed?

The flavours of the months.

5. How was working with Mark Ronson on this album? Why did you want the album to be produced by him?

I think the Grammy Awards speak for themselves. He is in the upper echelons of pop production.

He was sweet.

Name: Cole Alexander

6. What has been the best psychedelic experience of your life, so far? And has it got anything to do with the cover of your newest album Arabia Mountain?

No, but my greatest psych experience is when I imagined I had lost all of my organs and bones. I melted and I was like mush for a moment

7. Black Lips has a habit of colouring outside the lines: If it hasn’t got anything to do with the gig, then it mostly has to do with the gig’s location… As a band, you’re not afraid to play venues and countries that typically don’t see many rock bands perform…. Which country is high on your list?

Iraq, Cuba, Syria, Tunisia, Zambia, Uganda, Antarctica (we have leads).

8. What’s a borderline bad idea to you?


9.The sex, drugs, and rock’n’roll lifestyle – think you’ll ever grow tired of it?

I only know so much about it. I know the cliché well. But in actuality, I know so much.