Dum Dum Girls found their way back to Europe and our hearts with their latest album He Gets Me High. Last Thursday, the Sub Pop dolls’ tour caravan stopped in Ghent’s Vooruit. While the ballroom where they played was still echoing with the reverb-laden vocals, Janis Joplin moves and sweet southern cool, we caught up with lead singer Dee Dee for a quick insight into her world.

Photography by  Yana Foqué (C).


Best place to get a tattoo?

Forearm // London @ Shangi-la

Words for the future you?

Chill out.

Favourite love songs?

Fade Into YouMazzy Star

Ladies And Gentlemen…Spiritualized

Analy – Minko

For which reason was Richard Gottehrer so high on your personal list when you first got the opportunity to create a full EP?

He wrote Sorrow. He produced the last Richard Hell LP. He was a Brill Building songwriter. He was in The Strangeloves.

Other bands that are often associated with you are Vivian Girls, Best Coast, Wavves, Jeans Wilder and Girls – all excellent shoegazing noise pop bands. Do you feel at home in these surroundings?

Yes, but my favourite line-up was one last with Minks and Dirty Beaches.

How has DDG grown further away from this generalised image/sound these past few months?

Practice. Bigger amps!

In what way did your music and relationship as a band evolve while making He Gets Me High?

I recorded the EP without the girls, but the next LP is already done, and they all played so well. Very good and necessary step.

The album itself is short and sweet. Why these four tracks?

I wrote the originals in a weekend and they just sounded like an EP.

You’re touring with the album right now… How do you survive the long drives between gigs?

My iPod… Books… TV shows

If you could pick anyone throughout history, who would you ask to make a double split single with you?

Jason Pierce (Spacemen).

He Gets Me High is out since March on Sub Pop.