The beautiful boys and lovely Heather from Danish outfit Efterklang were in Brussels’ Botanique Tuesday to offer us that extra spark of magic. This fresh batch of Impala award winners has sailed across the seven sees to perform, engaged in several side-projects, shot their own film and managed to stay their own fun and brilliant selves along the way. We exchanged a few words (and handwriting skills) with lead singer Casper Clausen in between dinner, a movie and a magnificent show.

Efterklang's Rasmus Stolberg and Casper Clausen

What’s your current state of mind?


What was the last film that made you smile?

Short Cuts. Mad Men (TV).

This tour doesn’t only evolve around your latest album Magic Chairs but as well around the first full-length film you’ve made together with Vincent Moon. How does this affect the vibe of the tour itself?

It somehow prepares the audience to our concert.

How did you meet Vincent Moon? (And did his name remind you of the leading character from the Mighty Boosh?)

We met him in Austin, Texas, in 2009. (It didn’t strike me!)

What was the most important feeling you wanted this film to reflect? Why now?


How important is the place where the music is recorded/conceived for a band?

It depends very much on the project. Sometimes it’s where everything starts, and sometimes it just happened. Somewhere. I believe that I’m getting inputs/directions from my surroundings but I wouldn’t be able to point it out.

You’ve noted that for this album the band “wanted to display every sound source (…) so that the listener could hear every ingredient of the music.” Where did this urge come from?

Mainly because of our Performing Parades project that we did just before Magic Chairs. We wanted to do something completely different.

You are quite known for your live shows – I myself have had the pleasure of attending one a couple of years ago in a nearby park. You were set up in a small wooden arbour and dressed up as horsemen. As the sun set, the Indian summer vibe pervaded your music… How do you recall that evening? What was it like from your end?

It was a beautiful evening!

Where do you recommend listeners to play your music? Where do you imagine them doing it?

Anywhere with friends.

What do your parents have to say?

Thank you for liking our son’s name.

He should practice on his handwriting!!!

If you’ve missed out on the gig – don’t worry! With a pretty please and some hosting talent you can settle for the next best thing: a home screening of their film An Island.

Photography by Yana Foqué