L.A. based duo Dean Spunt and Randy Randall (yes, his parents certainly had a sense of humour) played a show at Brussels’ La Chocolaterie last night. No Age’s fast-paced rhythm and layered soundscapes succeeded in turning the small venue upside down. Remember: the ringing in your ears is all part of the music. Those who missed out still have a chance to catch the duo tonight in Antwerp’s Scheld’Apen.

What’s been keeping you busy these days?


RR: Going to the dentist in Antwerp. Driving from Barcelona to London. Playing shows. Listening to John Cale.

What’s the weirdest thing that happened on tour so far?

DS: Went to a bar in NY, Saw two fights, almost got robbed & got asked to buy heroin in the span of 20 minutes.

RR: What’s weird? Everything is weird, so weird is normal, and normal is weird, so seeing ‘normies’ is weird!

You’re well known for playing in the most “untraditional” places: a vegan store in Portland, the Los Angeles Central Library, the Late Show with David Letterman, but what has been the best venue so far?

RR: The best venue is one that feels challenging and beautiful. I like when a venue is able to make an audience and band feel like they are making an event together.

On which spot would you love to play a show somewhere in the future?

RR: I want to play somewhere in the future. I want to play 5 minutes in the future, always.

DS: The moon, the White House, the city of Bell.

You’ve been making music together for almost 10 years now. After a while – I guess words become unnecessary. Where though lies the challenge for the both of you when working on a new song?

RR: It’s a challenge to get on the same page sometimes. We almost know each other to well. We challenge ourselves to not do something expected.

DS: We still need to talk most of the time. Pages get mixed up sometimes…

Everything in between, for you, is…

DS: EVERYTHING we went through from nouns to this record (sometimes).

RR: The moments between big things happening in your life. The in-between moments when nothing happens, but everything happens that makes your life your life.

The artwork that accompanies your music has always been very important. Through various EP’s, LP’s, tapes and singles Brian Roettinger‘s involvement has been essential. How did you meet him?

DS: Brian and I grew up in the same suburb. I saw his band play when I was 13. He took out his penis & threw a pumpkin!

How can we picture the process between the three of you when working on a new album cover?

DS: We talk a lot. Sit around and show each other images, songs, whatever. It’s a long process of hanging out. Trying things; trying to make each other psyched. Trying to laugh.

What has been a very inspiring event for you these past years?

RR: I was inspired when I went for a walk in my neighbourhood.


Are there any upcoming projects we can look forward to?

1. The bear

2. A new jacket


What are your pet peeves?

DS: I love cats & dogs. Don’t want a lion. Whoops! People who slurp! P.E.T.A.

RR: People who write too big!!!

And last but not least! Who’s your favourite Belgian band?


“Toots” Thielemans.