Local heroes and hailed as the “next big thing”, the Belgian kids from Ping Pong Tactics played a last minute concert at Ghent’s Kinky Star last Friday. The Huyghe brothers and best drummer of Sint-Laureins just released their latest record Sensual Dancing on cassette. We met up with lead singer Bert just before a fire blazing concert where strings snapped, guitars were kidnapped, a Smiths song was performed during sound-check and what they sang so endearingly is certainly very true… These are charming men.

Thomas, Bert and Dries

© Yana Foqué

Name: Bert Huyghe

What was the first thing you did this morning?

I baked a crazy omelette! Ingredients: tomato, cheese, mushrooms, onion and egg.

What’s your favourite older song at the moment?

Southern Man – Neil Young

What would you do on a hot summer day?

Watch the Tour indoors! (Dries Dauwe – Drummer)

Which events in your life where very influential to your music?

For us as a band I think the first “pat on the back” we got from other Belgian bands we looked up to.

What inspired you to make your new album Sensual Dancing?

Older women in our village when dancing to music of their youth. Always very 80s inspired and sensual dances.

Why did you use tape?

Because these songs where very radical and unfinished. They belonged on cassette.

Ping Pong Tactics has been a DIY band ever from the very start. How does the artwork fit into the whole package?

It’s just a part of the music, it all belongs together.

Who would you ask as a guest musician on your next album?

Nobody! Maybe Willem from SAII on drums again when he’s around.

Who can remix/cover one of your songs any day of the week?

(note: this person doesn’t have to be alive or even real)

Phil Spector.

Best musical memory so far?

Mini Netherland tour with just us three, in our van, meeting weird “hollanders”.

Where to next?

US of A.

Do you have a plan B?

This is our plan B.

What can in your opinion never go out of style?

Thank you’s!