Post-punk veterans Wire stopped by Belgium last Friday, in the midst of their current tour. We caught up with bassist and founding member Graham Lewis before their set at the Botanique for a quick chat and impromptu photo session in a nearby bar.



Name: Edward Graham Lewis

Name: Edward Graham Lewis

What’s your current state of mind?

Probably over stimulated from the amount of time travel I’ve recently experienced from Tasmania to Brussels.

Where did you get your first instrument?

My first instrument was a bass made from me by Jimmy Moore, a funeral director and coffin maker.

What are your three favourite bass lines (in songs)?

Papa Was A Rolling Stone by The Temptations.

The bass solo in Free Live by Andy Fraser.

Aerodynamic by Kraftwerk.

Penguin Orchestra Café or Bad Brains?


Which experience had a big influence on how your music sounds today?

The use of logic/Mac hard disk recording.

What/Who can light your fire anytime, anywhere?

Humour, generosity, openness.

the word- Wire-33
the word- Wire-1

What’s your favourite mistake?

The most recent… Which I repeated and turned into a creative beginning. As Duchamp said: “Mistakes happen to the unaware. Artists must be aware at all times.”

Why bother?

What else is there?

Cruising through Flanders – 23 year’s too late… A plan for tonight?

No plan… Always cruising.

This tour in five words?

Long, three continents, a grand search.

What is the most FAQ you hear out of the mouths of journalists?

“Who are your influences?”

Which young band wouldn’t you mind being compared to? Or vice versa?

Holy Fuck! I believe Kraftwerk would be doing something similar if they were starting now. As they where a dance band as well to start with. Also Melt Banana. AWESOME.