To mark the recent launch of Canon’s EOS R System camera, we tasked photographer Eva Donckers with capturing the full-blown, dark-tinted beauty of Brussels nightlife in one straight night with a subtle, sharp and uncompromising eye. Using the camera’s silent shooting and auto-focus capabilities, the series illustrates the EOS R System’s knack for quality photography in low light conditions, reinforcing Canon’s commitment to providing photographers with the right equipment in otherwise hard-to-shoot scenarios. For instance, Canon recently added the EOS RP camera to the exquisite range, boasting to be its most light and compact camera yet.

Donckers also looks back on what it was actually like to use the camera in a reflective video review, and discusses her favourite shots from the night. From Fuse’s memorable tunnel rave and GAN GAH’s Bledar Room takeover to Leaving Living Dakota’s bash at Décoratelier and Atom™ live at C12, this is Brussels at its unrestricted best.

Leaving Living Dakota w/ ICY FAKE and Cherry B Diamond at Décoratelier

Underground tunnel rave hosted by Fuse

Bledar Room Vol.1 w/ DAVE LUXE + GAN GAH at Le Café Floréo

Atom™ live + Cabanne at C12

Discover more about the EOS R System Live for yourself at Photo Days‘ Canon Experience Center, held from Friday 15th to Sunday 17th March.