DJ and producer Walrus’ 12 favourite Belgian releases

Having recently released Research into the development of reinterpreted songs, an EP including remixes of key Belgian artists of the moment (Lawrence Le Doux, C Young, Silicon Valley and Different Fountains.), Brussels-based DJ and producer Walrus – that fronts bepotel together with Sagat and &apos and also runs their record label, bepotel Records- has a go at selecting his favourite Belgian releases. And, true to form, the quixotic nightlife hero has a few dance floor killers in there, as well as some more off key space rave, techno, groove and minimal synth.

1. Joris Vermeiren ‎– Atomium / Evoluon EP (Discodesafinado, ‎2002)

This track still sounds otherworldly, like a melting glacier.Ricardo Villalobos introduced me to it on his mix CD “Taka Taka”. We freaked out a couple of times while listening to it in the Bepotel headquarters. I was looking for a copy of this EP for years, but then I had a project together with Senjan Jansen who runs Discodesafinado and he gave me the record. I’ve heard some rumors that they will activate the label again after a hibernation of 10 years!

2. David Morley / Nodern / Gez Varley ‎– Personal Settings 2 LP (Quatermass, 2002)

A dark midtempo breakbeat roller this is. Kind of minimal in it’s structure. You can approach it as a deejay tool or for home listening. I knew about Morley from his work with Andrea Parker and the releases on R&S, but it’s Chris Ferreira who showed me this track. Thank you doctor Funk.

3. Peter Van Hoesen ‎– Attribute One EP (time to express Records, 2009)

It’s only six years old but I feel something nostalgic listening to this one, maybe it’s the melody of the baseline or the memories it triggers from the legendary T2X label nights in Fuse ? Peter is without a doubt an amazing artist and one of the strongest voices in contemporary techno. Indirectly he inspired the bepotel project with his early label Foton. He is resident at this great underground party in Brussels called Technoon. Try to catch him deejaying, it’s not what you’ll expect.

4. Circadian Rhythms ‎– Silicon EP (Elypsia Records, 1997)

This raw sounding track is everything that underground electronic music is about. Anonymity, timelessness and groove. Only recently I was lucky to get my hand on a copy of this hard to find classic. If you look up the artist behind Circadian Rhythms you’ll understand why it sounds so real. He showed me the way (and still does). Big love and respect.

5. Miss Nicky Trax ‎– Acid In The House EP (Kaos Dance Records, 1988)

The vocals, the 303 line, the bleeps, the claps and the synth line all so punk and god damn smart. You can call it a standard and it literary destroys dance floors (if you play it at the right situation of course).

6. Rave 2001 ‎– Seduce Me EP (Buzz Records, 1991)

Shouts to Senjan for showing me this track a few years ago. It sounds very clumsy and the vocal is kind of cheesy if you hear it the first time, but than a few hours later you find yourself singing it all day long. A space-rave love-song and a Walrus after hours classic.

7. The Cultural Decay ‎– Brave New World / End Of The Corridor 7inch (Sexy Robot Records 1981)

The power of End Of The Corridor is not only the beautiful melancholic lyrics but also the combination of that analog live played synth bleep and the lo-fi guitar rhythm. Belgium cold-wave in its best colour and form. Dark and bumpy.

8. Asmodaeus ‎– Lies And Logic LP (Walhalla Records, 2014)

In the same vein as The Cultural Decay song but even a bit more lo-fi production wise, I guess it’s all recorded in one live take. This kind of minimal synth music feels very restful to me. I could listen to it all day. Thanks to Lieven De Ridder from Walhalla records for giving this music a second life.

9. Marc Hollander, Aksak Maboul ‎– Onze Danses Pour Combattre La Migraine LP (Kamikaze Records, 1977)

Another universe. Positive vibes. There is so much air inside the composition and the sound spectrum. The album got re-issued this year on Marc Hollander’s own Crammed Discs and they play live shows again. Get your hands on it.

10. Innercity ‎– A Lion Baptism LP (further records, 2013)

Hans Dens is a gifted artist who creates his own sonic universe. Just like his colleagues Bear Bones Lay Low and Dolphins Into The future he releases tons of music on DIY imprints. This cut is from his LP on the Further Records. There is this healing lo-fi synth scene happening in Belgium at the moment. Great music to relax after dance music OD’s.

11. André Stordeur ‎– 18 Days LP (Igloo Records, 1979)

I only recently started listening to the music of André Stordeur. It’s very visionary experimental stuff. A dive into a other cosmic world.

12. Acid Kirk ‎– Psychonautic Experiments Vol. 2 EP (Re-load Records, 1994)

There is this distorted industrial techno revival happening at the moment with artist like Container and The Hieroglyphic Being. But we got our own, his name is Cédric and he was there 20 years ago!