15 things to do in Belgium this weekend

Carnivorous plant swaps, exhibition openings, label nights, movie screenings and queer festivals.

1. Thursday 2nd June: Langage des fleurs et des choses muettes @ Albert Baronian, Brussels

As an analogy to the end of the gallery season, Albert Baronian hosts a group show entirely dedicated to perpetual reinvention. Merging artists with divergent backgrounds, the exhibition harmonises itself through modesty and fragility. Show runs until 16th June, and includes Donald Baechler, Sammy Baloji (currently with a solo show at WIELS), David Brognon et Stéphanie Rollin, Marie José Burki, Lionel Estève, Hans-Peter Feldmann, Ellsworth Kelly, Bernd Lohaus, Piet Mondrian, Éric Poitevin, Emmanuelle Quertain, José Maria Sicilia, Joëlle Tuerlinckx and Oriol Vilanova.

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2. Thursday 2nd June: Imprints @ Harlan Levey

Harlan Levey’s last show of the season isn’t dedicated to a specific artist per se but, rather, presents the work of those artists on the gallery’s roster who didn’t get a show during the year. Connected not by a mutual theme, but rather by grey lines surrounding the subject of dynamic living opposed to passive consumption. Emmanuel Van der Auwera, Marcin Dudek, Petr Davydtchenko, Amelie Bouvier and TR Ericsson shape the exhibition by playing on accidents, coincidences, and the fine line between reality and subconsciousness.

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3. Thursday 2nd June – Saturday 4th June: Intervention 3 & 4 @ Tique, Antwerp

Through ten interventions, Antwerp project space Tique asked multidisciplinary artists to experiment freely with different media. In this week’s instalment, Other Robots and Hantrax bring together video, performance and music to merge sound and image.

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4. Thursday 2nd June Saturday 4th June: Strangelove @ Het Bos, Antwerp

Themed ‘crossing borders’, this year’s Strangelove festival proposes a weekend with exhibitions by Brecht Vandenbroecke, a people’s kitchen, a queer cabaret, film screenings and a closing party with vibes by Aguilla, S Ruston and Miss Schwarzkopf.

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5. Friday 3rd June: Collections finissage @ Maga, Brussels

At Collections, initiated by the Brussels Art Departement, emerging artists display an atypical array of objects, from flags of countries that seized to exist to solitary socks left behind in washing machines. The group show’s finissage on Friday will include impromptu performances and other surprises.

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6. Friday 3rd June – Saturday 4th June: SHOW16 – La Cambre @ Halles de Schaerbeek

A yearly tradition, La Cambre’s end of year show presents the famed fashion institute’s graduating talent, followed by an official Catclub afterparty (with Palmbomen, Fais le beau and Just Nathan) over at the Volta building in Ixelles.

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7. Friday 3rd June: Radio Panik’s Wacko Party @ Les Ateliers Claus, Brussels

A hypnotic power trio (made up of a flute, double bass and drums), improvised performances, hard-edged techno and the Radio Panik Soundsystem. The cult underground radio station overtakes Les Atelier Claus for a night of leftfield sounds and sights.

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8. Friday 3rd June: Volta (b)xl @ Beursschouwburg, Brussels

Installations, exhibitions, performances, theatre and concerts during this yearly ‘night of the future’, all presented by young talents with different takes on their surroundings. Featuring Stuff., Glints, Poldoore, some photobooth fun and slam poetry.

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9. Friday 3rd June: Teenage Menopause Records Party @ Le Vecteur, Charleroi

Cult record label Teenage Menopause, founded by illustrator Elzo Durt, puts on a night driven by its signature vile and vicious tastes. Heimat, Ventre de Biche and Pierre et Bastien all take to the stage in Charleroi for a night that promises the odd moshpit or two.

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10. Friday 3rd June: Floris Vanhoof/JJ009#3 @ Extra City, Antwerp

Antwerp label JJ Funhouse invites filmmaker and synth virtuoso Floris Vanhoof in Extra City’s cinema space.

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11. Friday 3rd June: Brussels Record Social Club @ Veals & Geeks, Brussels

Every first Friday of the month record store Veals & Geeks opens its doors for a late night of digging, discussions and drinks. Strictly for the vinyl junkies.

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12. Saturday 4th June: Catharine Czudej – Guess who’s coming to dinner @ Office Baroque, Brussels

For her first solo exhibition, Catharine Czudej presents a series of paintings encased in tinted plexiglass frames. Blending images from pulp-era magazines with influences reminiscent of classic allegories, her work distinguishes itself by its manual aesthetic and comic undertones. Exhibition runs until 16th July, alongside another solo show in Office Baroque’s midtown gallery space of B. Wurtz.

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13. Saturday 4th June: SILO 002 @ Cinéma Nova, Brussels

Artist collective, publisher and music label SILO occupies Cinéma Nova for the presentation of their second release, born out of an intense collaboration with Croatan editions. Starting the evening with a screening in the cinema’s velvet chairs, the night continues in the downstairs bar, with concerts and performances.

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14. Sunday 5th June: Foire aux plantes carnivores @ Esplechin

Phytophiles gather in a leafy garden in Esplechin this Sunday for an afternoon of buying, swapping and admiring carnivorous plants.

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15. Sunday 5th June: Birde Vanheerswynghels and Aiden Morse opening @ Tatjana Pieters, Ghent

Belgian artist Birde Vanheerswynghels‘ drawings evoke fragility and sensuality, her works clearly elevated by her textured stroke. Running alongside her exhibition, Melbourne-based artist Aiden Morse’s photographs – contain recurring themes of domesticity, glamour and monogamy – also go on show on the same night. The perfect opportunity to view the work of two artists on the cusp of greater things.

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