20 things to do in Belgium this weekend

International showcases in Ostend, journal structures in Ghent and accidental music at our very own The Word Radio. Go do the right thing.

Thursday 28th June: A Day of Accidental Music at The Word, Brussels 

Our in-house radio station celebrates the lasting impact of mishaps and misadventures in the world of contemporary music with a special, and free, event dedicated to accidental music. Think New Beat, hip-hop and lo-fi, distorted electronics with a series of live concerts, exclusive DJ sets and interviews. And the Belgium match, of course. Start the weekend right.

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Thursday 28th June – Friday 13th July 2018: Mandla Reuter’s Neompalta at SMAK, Ghent 

Friends of S.M.A.K. love joining forces with several initiatives and artists, and their most recent rally of support was to import South African artist Mandla Reuter’s first solo exhibition to Belgium. Reuter resists genres: his work lies truly in the grey areas of what it means to conceive and develop artistic expression. Expect new thinking into the construction-slash-destruction of life and an overwhelmingly deep dive into the repercussions of modernity. All that’s left is for Reuter’s Neompalta to sail into deep waters, where its materialistic exuberance is made tangible before our eyes. Transient, abstract and earthly.

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Thursday 28th June – Sunday 26th August: Resist! The 1960s protest, photography and visual legacy at BOZAR, Brussels

Revolution is the order of the day for BOZAR’s forthcoming Summer of Photography 2018. From Gracie la Sacco’s symbolic resistance in negotiating unwelcome sociopolitical unrest, to the more overt Bruno Barbey’s emphasis on the desperate lengths protestors are willing to go for real change, it’s time to turn words into actions. This multi-platform and immersive exhibition shows a side of revolt that has never before been seen.

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Thursday 28th June: OASE 100—Karel Martens & the Architecture of the Journal at Dok Noord, Ghent

For its 100th issue, OASE takes the journal’s longstanding collaboration with its graphic designer Karel Martens as a starting point to explore the relationship between architecture journals and graphic design. It considers the graphic space of the journal, its materiality, its production, and the physical experience of reading. Go show some love.

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Thursday 28th June – Saturday 14th July: Alexandre Da Cunha & E’Wao Kagoshima at Office Baroque, Brussels

Multimedium virtuoso Alexandre da Cunha’s pieces jump off of the concrete as he exaggerates the seemingly mundane to epic proportions. Beautifully juxtaposing his selection is Japanese-born E’Wao Kagoshima whose satirical and hypnagogic designs poke fun at our feeble concept of reality. Never shying away from colour or taking themselves too seriously, both push the boundaries of what it means to be successful contemporary artists.

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Thursday 28th June – Sunday 1st July: Laurent Dupont’s Carrefour Surimi at The White House, Lovenjoel

Brussels-based Laurent Dupont works with different media including sculpture, installation, print, film to relate his work to specific contexts which he engages with. The artists uses the minimalistic White House space, which successfully enhances the work it showcases, as he reflects on notions of the real, representation, value and simulation.

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Thursday 28th June – Sunday 7th October: Paul Kooiker and Camille Picquot at FOMU, Antwerp

The opening of the latest museum exhibition at Antwerp’s FOMU introduces the first major museum exhibition of Dutch photographer Paul Kooiker’s work outside of the Netherlands, focussing on the theme voyeurism. It also celebrates Belgian artist Camille Picquot, who may be 26 years his junior, but has steadily built a coherent body of work that includes both film and photography. Both exhibitions shock whoever is watching and invites the viewer to react to what is on show.

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Thursday 28th June: Underwater at Bonnefooi, Brussels 

As a last hurrah before the summer kicks off, The Word Radio residents Perron Zes brings together the best of underground electronic music and introducing some of the best upcoming locals on the scene. Don’t sleep.

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Friday 29th June: Savage’s Terminal Velocity at Intemporal, Antwerp

Scottish artist Savage, known for his radical yet typically romantic approach to the world of consumer goods and possessions, showcases his newest works and editions in Trampoline’s “nowhere and everywhere” side-venue. The opening of the exhibition will be followed by a performance courtesy of artist-cum-magician Gerard Herman’s transportable 2018 in-box exhibition. Spoilt rotten.

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Saturday 29th June – Sunday 8th July: Gent Jazz Festival 2018 at Bijloke Gardens, Ghent

July is Ghent’s festival month, and what better way to kick it off than with its famous international celebration of jazz. Just like every other year, Gent Jazz has managed to attract some great talents to its 2018 edition. Not to be missed.

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Friday 29th June: DJ Charme Release Party at Table Dance, Antwerp

Midlife’sDJ Charme, formerly known as Kassett, has just released a new project under his new moniker  and will be bringing his friends along to Antwerp’s Table Dance to celebrate, ensuring a night filled with exciting new sounds.

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Saturday 30th June: Montgomery Burns at w-o-l-k-e, Brussels

This event welcomes (and encourages) a hot and burning summer, presenting you alienating forms of music of the off-stream kind. Our resident KRAAK‘s fin de saison event is a mini-festival including five shows, a food truck, and vinyl-cum-tape market – something for everyone.

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Saturday 30th June: Gommaar Gilliams’ Romeo’s Tune at Gallery Sofie Van de Velde, Antwerp

Belgian painter Gommaar Gilliams is influenced by at least three different continents, and although he approaches his art in a traditional way, the outcome is often abstract and refreshing. His large scale paintings and intricate choice of colours make his work recognisable and impressionable at the least. A one-of-a-kind opening.

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Saturday 30th July: Panorama 2018 at Panorama Marcinelle

Family-friendly picnic enthusiasts behind Panorama 2018 will take care of the scenery, so you only have to bring the energy. Pulling from Brussels venue regulars, you can enjoy drinks as the sun sets beyond the horizon, whilst jamming out to June Moan’s shadowy performance, Annabel Lee’s love-filled soundscapes and Capelo’s synth-pop. Don’t sleep.

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Saturday 30th June – Sunday 19th August: Summer Group Show at PLUS-ONE, Antwerp

PLUS-ONE art gallery makes it no secret that summer is its favourite season. In fact, it loves it so much it has decided to become one of the few galleries to open its doors in July to proudly present its summer exhibition. It offers a new way to look at sunshine, explores the enjoyment and implications of “careless” holidays, and celebrates the sun’s influence on art.

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Saturday 30th June: Kraft Open Air at Kaandelpark, Deinze

“Quality, not quantity”: Kraft’s mantra perfectly sums up what this festival aims to do, going against the beat of traditional festivals, which circulate around loudness, brightness and rowdiness. Located in the beautiful and peaceful Kaandelpark, it will host some of the country’s most exciting talents, such as Nosedrip, Kong and the Kraft Collective resident DJs.

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Sunday 1st July – Sunday 9th September: Philippe Van Snick at Tatjana Pieters Gallery, Ghent

Philippe Van Snick, who received the Ultima for Visual Arts, is often recognised for his puristic and minimalist work, whilst remaining plentiful in interpretation. His paintings, installations and sculptures examine, analyse and create the space they are in. This special solo exhibition will present a timeline of Van Snick’s oeuvre from the 70s until now and show a short TV documentary on the artist’s practice made by Bertrand Lafontaine.

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Sunday 1st July – Sunday 11th November: Un|settled at Provinciedomein Raversyde, Ostend

Un|settled celebrates global and international art by showcases existing and new works from a whole range of artists from numerous countries. The opening day will celebrate several art forms, including a musical performance by Syrian cellist Bassel About Fakher, a search for identity by two Jewish dancers and an immersive performance by theatre producer and poet Mathieu Charles. Full support.

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Sunday 1st July – Sunday 21st October: Halte à la croissance! and Albedo in Grand-Hornu

Sunday’s double opening at Grand-Hornu: at CID, an exhibition goes against excessive consumption and celebrates the realisation that change is necessary, questioning how art and design can play a role in the process of fixing what has been done wrong in an innovative way. At MAC’s, a collaboration between Ann Veronica Janssens and Jean Glibert enables visitors to take part in an experience of an aesthetic nature without getting bogged down in the material objects of art, whilst also successfully hailing and celebrating the architecture of the venue it uses. Two birds, one stone.

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Sunday 1st July: Chineurs de Belgique Open Air at WOODPECKER, Brussels

Another sunny Sunday calls for another lazy party in Brussels’ most iconic park. This Sunday,  Woodpecker will host the Chineurs de Belgique crew and their friends from Eclipse Tribez and Subversive Sounds. Bring your picnic blanket and some beers and relax. End the weekend right.

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