25 things to do in Belgium this weekend

All-night warehouse shindigs in Ghent, sex-positive thoughts in Brussels and birthday parties in Charleroi. Go do the right thing.

Thursday 29th November – Monday 17th December: SexWorks!? at Gallerie Ravenstein, Brussels

An important dialogue hoping to reframe sex work; this series includes Belgian poetry from Lisette Ma Neza, a pop exhibition, debate and movie night. Start the weekend right.

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Thursday 29th November: Seuls #3 at KASKcinema, Ghent

For some surrealist short film screenings at KASKcinema this weekend, don’t miss the the third instalment of the series hosted by Sabzian, who have also published a unique texts by Belgian filmmakers and writers on their website for the occasion. Utterly spoilt

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Thursday 29th – Friday 30th November: Femke & Lander Gyselinck’s Flamer at Kaaitheater, Brussels

This hybrid dance at Kaaitheater is born out of a dialogue with a J-Lo song. Sibling duo Lander and Femke Gyselinck have swapped musical talents to seek “virtuosity in each other’s imperfections”. Go and discover the beauty in co-creation.

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Thursday 29th November – Thursday 13th December: ELITE 18 at K R I E G, Hasselt

Catch this annual group exhibition that promises to be “a polyphony of voices and a snippet of a greater, vibrant scene”, with affordable artworks by Rachelle Bindels, Manu Engelen, Jonas Locht, Dana Saez, Miriam Sentler and Cleo Totti. For art that promotes economic self-sufficiency and a focus on young and emergent talent. Alongside this exhibition opening is a screening of work by video artists Ryan Trecartin and Lizzy Fitch, which present important meditations on social media, the camera and television.

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Thursday 29th November: Psst Mademoiselle w/ Danitsa, Mahina and Wu-tangu at VK, Brussels

A night of empowering energy, Psst Mademoiselle showcases music from emerging artists Danitsa, Mahina and Wu-tangu. For important femme visibility in Brussels’ live music scene.

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Thursday 29th December: Blackweed Release Party at C12, Brussels

C12 brings you Belgian rap, trap and soulful beats in the form of Blackweed’s release party. They’re bringing lovers and friends along for the occasion, including the likes of ShunGu, IllSyll, African Diplomat and Peter Clinton. No sleep.

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Friday 30th November – Saturday 1st December: 4th Stream Festival at BOZAR, Brussels

Jazz as it forays into hip-hop, spoken word or the psychedelic takes to the stage at this sprawling event at BOZAR. With music from UK musicians Dinosaur and Soweto Kinch, or The Headhunters and the James Brandon Lewis Trio from the US, this is an international jazz festival showcasing the best and brightest names. If this isn’t enough to convince you, check out our five reasons why not to miss the inaugural event.

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Friday 30th November: Le Vecteur is 10 years old! at Le Vecteur, Charleroi

To commemorate 10 years as an essential part of Belgium’s cultural scene, Charleroi’s Le Vecteur beings a night of concerts, the last opening of their bookshop, an exhibition by Camille Nicolle and Kazy’s graphic designs and illustrations. An essential anniversary to add to your December festivities. 

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Friday 30th November: Innsyter, Hajj + Discordia at Brasserie Atlas, Brussels

Electronic music, mixed with jazz and funk all the way from LA; Innsyter, Hajj and Discordia join forces for a Friday night to remember. Not for the faint-hearted.

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Friday 30th November – Wednesday 5th December: Matthijs Kimpe’s Visual Entropy at In De Ruimte, Ghent

For a solo exhibition of excellent paintings and post-paintings by Matthijs Kimpe, accompanied by the noise-poetry and music of KCHOUK. Full support.

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Friday 30th November: Race, Migration, and the Postcolonial Imaginary at Beursschouwburg, Brussels 

As part of a lecture series on all things urban, Dr. Yasminah Beebeejaun from University College London gives an important talk on post-colonial planning. Education is key.

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Friday 30th November – Sunday 2nd December: Grafixx 2018 at De Studio, Antwerp

A zine festival featuring over 50 participants and small-scale presses represented from all over the world. Catch lectures, live music, drawing jams, workshops and a kid friendly movie theatre. Print culture fun for all the family.

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Friday 30th November – Sunday 2nd December: Working Title Festival at Les Brigittines, Brussels

Contemporary performance art is having its renaissance in the coming year and will be celebrated in full form at Working Title Festival. The event is a weekend full of performances born out of the collaborative and in-progress spirit of a residency program at workspacebrussels. The festival spans three days across three venues – namely Kanal, workspacebrussels and Les Brigittines – with pieces ranging from choreographed dance and ballet to film and installation. Catch Oona Libens and her multimedia projections, Maria Lucia Cruz Correia’s environmental thought processes, or Nazanin Fakoor and her piece Rainbow I. You might also see Screws by Alexander Vantournhout, an experimental dance focussed on relations between the body and objects. The events offer you an insight into the evolutionary practise of young emerging artists working in Brussels, and the potentialities and effects of art that refuses to be a finished product.

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Friday 30th November: Catwar & Lilihell present BEEEP w/ Addison Groove & Olvo at amigo amigo, Ghent

Brand new Ghent-based dive bar and eatery are not slowing down a bit with a belter of a club night this Friday, bringing you the legendary Addison Groove thanks to local duo Catwar & Lilihell. Fridays are for dancing.

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Friday 30th November: Okraina Night at Les Ateliers Claus, Brussels

Les Ateliers Claus‘ final show of the year calls for none other than live folk from Glaswegian Alasdair Roberts, noted for getting his start with the band Appendix Out. He’ll be joined by Neil McDermott and Tartine de Clous. There will also be a screening of  Travelling for a Living, a 1966 BBC documentary on the revival of the British folk scene in Hull. Fridays and folk are the perfect match.

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Friday 30th November – Sunday 3rd February 2019: Congo at Galerie Raf Van Severen, Antwerp

This exhibition forms a tribute to the Congolese art collector Jo Van Severen, including work by Belgians who were living in colonial Congo in the mid-20th century, such as Guilherme d’Oliveira Marques and André Hallet. Donations from the profits attained from the sales of individual works will be given to the association Kalasi, an education-based project in the DRC. Not to be missed.

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Saturday 1st – Sunday 2nd December: 35 years of Radio Panik in Brussels 

A whole bunch of concerts are planned throughout the weekend at La Machine, BeursschouwburgCinéma Palace and Café Central, celebrating the impressive 35th anniversary of Radio Panik. Catch music by Borokov Borokov, DJ soFa, and many more to add groove and warmth to your frosty December weekend. A round of applause.

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Saturday 1st December – Saturday 26th January 2019: Arpaïs Du Bois & Delphine Burtin at Gallery FIFTY ONE/TOO, Antwerp

Gallery FIFTY ONE is ending the year with a veritable bang, showcasing two shows across their dual spaces. The Ghent native darling Arpaïs Du Bois continues a strong year in the Belgian contemporary art scene with Inconfortablement au salon, the seemingly final piece to a trilogy of works in 2018. While in Gallery FIFTY ONE TOO, Swiss photographer Delphine Burtin unveils her meditative images on objects and plant life, heavily influenced by her training in graphic design in Fragments. Expect to be inspired by the dialogue between man and nature; photography, paper and fine art; the human condition or the experimental potential of digital forms.

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Saturday 1st December – Sunday 2nd December: Eat My Paper 2018 at RECYCLART, Brussels

DIY print culture gathers in all its international glory at RECYCLART this weekend, featuring fanzines, comic books, an exhibition and even a noise punk show courtesy of Ghent’s Pink Room. Full support.

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Saturday 1st December – Sunday 13th January 2019: Jenny Brosinski’s It Only Makes It Worse To Live Without It at Plus-One Gallery, Antwerp

Her work has been a part of Soft? Tactile Dialogues, Independent Brussels and now Plus-One Gallery. Jenny Brosinski is a Berlin-based artist whose canvases think through the power of mark-making, materiality and the movements in paint. Catch her first solo show in Antwerp this weekend and feel the true presence of painterly gestures.

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Saturday 1st December: OWP presents A Warehouse Party in Ghent

Listen to the expert electronic music of Brian Not Brian at this veritable warehouse party held by local rascals Oops Wrong Planet. Dance and (don’t) drink.

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Saturday 1st December: Guillaume Bijl’s Adriaen Brouwer anno 2018 at C A S S T L, Antwerp

Attend these world premiere screenings of films by Guillaume Bijl, including a new work created for The Tour of Flanders Centre, linking Adriaen Brouwer to said tour. It narrates the journey of a group of cyclists and artists in the Belgium countryside – for art that speaks to Antwerp and art history.

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Saturday 1st December: Abondance w/ Milan W., Robert Bergman & Calypso Steve at Het Bos, Antwerp

In tandem with their Saturday record fair, Het Bos brings you the best house, disco and electronic music from Calypso Steve, Robert Bergman and Milan W.. Treat yourselves.

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Saturday 1st December – Sunday 13th January 2019: Bruce Nauman’s There are No Excuses at Gallery Sofie Van De Velde, Antwerp

Who knows what awaits for us at this exhibition of established American artist Bruce Nauman’s work? Known for his versatile artworks, such as neon signs that play with words and intimacy, his practise has also spanned across performance art, printmaking and video. Watch this space.

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Sunday 2nd December – Saturday 5th January 2019: Cadine Navarro & Elise Peroi’s Semer at La peau de l’ours, Brussels

A collaboration between visual artist Cadine Navarro and textile artist Elise Peroi brings painterly tapestries to inspire your imagination. End the weekend right.

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