Don’t get us wrong, these high achievers are in no way better than the average children roaming the country’s playgrounds. They’re just five ordinary kids with a tad more potential that the rest of them – and that includes us adults.

Vince Van der Perre – 7

Vince is in 2nd grade of the De Parel school in Mechelen. His favorite subject is arts and crafts. He likes to read books by Gerinomo Stilton, his favorite writer, playing with his friends and watching movies.

“Cars are my biggest passion. When I grow up I want to be the big boss of a car factory! ”

Solal Wajnsztok – 9

Solal is in the 4th grade of the Carolus Magnus School in Brussels. Mathematics and writing are his favorite subjects, but his biggest passion is definitely rugby.

“Rugby is my favorite thing ever. When I grow up I want to be a rugby player, just like Alf Penny or John Davies. But being a fireman or cyclist, that would be great too. ”

Martijn Dendievel – 16

Martijn, born in Ostende, is in his second year of conducting studies at the Royal Conservatory in Brussels. One day he wants to be as good as Gustavo Dudamel, the conductor of the L.A. Philarmonic.

“In December 2011 I had the chance to conduct The Musical Company, a production of the conservatory I go to. That was so much fun. ”

Emma Rogister – 10

Emma goes to school in Dolembreux. Her biggest passions are horse riding and theatre, but she also likes to build robots. She admires the astronauts who went on the moon and Leonardo Da Vinci.

“There are so many things I want to do. Maybe I want to be a jockey, or a comedian, or a police officer. But I’d also like to become a veterinarian to help the kangaroos in Australia. ”

Cis Oorts – 15

Cis goes to the Sint-Gummarus school in Lier. In his free time he plays guitar, computer games and likes to hang out with his friends. His dream: To play in a band, just like his idol Mick Jagger.

“ The smartest person I know is my best friend. He understands everything I say, even all my jokes!”