“The watch is for everyone. I wanted to create one that didn’t box you into specific style.” DVTCH NORRIS’ custom-made Swatch.

We teamed up with Swatch and asked hip-hop prodigy DVTCH NORRIS to handpick his favourite canvas, create his signature watch and tell the story behind it. Questioning the merits and very real need for transparency in his own practice as an artist, this close-cut collaboration illustrates the loveable rapper’s quest for sincerity and openness in all his affairs.

Photographer Daniil Lavroski (c)

Being myself and being open about whatever it is I’m going through in life is very important to me as an artist – transparency is key. Also, I believe that if I want you to get to know the real me, I’ve got to know what’s going inside myself first. In that sense, I feel as though the transparent watchcase represents that. When you look at the watch you see everything.

You see what’s inside and that’s the beauty of transparency. I tried to cover the process of designing the watch as much as possible and, in a way, that too is being transparent. To me, the watch’s tones pop out but you can still wear it with almost any colour. In terms of who the watch is for, who’d wear it best, I’d say that the watch is for everyone. I wanted to create one that didn’t box you into a specific style and, in the end, I’d love to see all types of people wearing it.

As far as how I chose to art direct and shoot the watch, that too is very much linked to my process and approach as an artist. I try to involve people I love and support as much as possible, so I decided to invite fans, other artists and friends to the house and we ended up taking a bunch of pictures. I’m a big fan of the photographer Daniil Lavrovski. We’ve worked together in the past and I told him about the idea of capturing fans, friends and colleagues wearing the watch and everyone understood the vision. Looking for the right ways to present a watch isn’t easy but my partner in crime Kate Housh (stylist) made it a whole lot easier.