30 things to do in Belgium this weekend

Grand openings in Ghent, silent statues in Antwerp and triple visual trouble in Charleroi. Go do the right thing.

Thursday 24th January – Sunday 30th June: As Found / As Seen at Kanal, Brussels

History, architecture, drawings, photography graphical sketches and debates reflecting on the topic of renovative work. Throughout its duration, this double exhibition in Kanal, CIVA‘s future home in the Citroën building will continue to evolve and along with it, the narratives being discussed will take on a dynamic nature. The debates and discussions in part will serve as a mode to open a conversation on the track the neighbourhood is taking in its own growth. Start the weekend right.

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Thursday 24th January – Sunday 24th March: Andrea Éva Győri’s Deep Jaw Relaxation at IKOB, Eupen

In a follow-up to Harlan Levey Projects‘ preamble ast week, IKOB will be hosting Andrea Éva Győri’s first ever large-scale retrospective. Turning life experiences and feminist notions of orgasm, womanhood and illness into photogrphy, watercolours, performance and video, Győri promises to astound the senses.

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Thursday 24th January: Marcelo Evelin’s The Sound of Movement at Centrale for Contemporary Art, Brussels

Brazilian choreographer Marcelo Evelin is getting together with a diverse cast of sound artists to create a dynamic study of the relation between physical reality and audio. The international artists will bring five pieces of rhythmic audio to be translated into movement, which Evelin will aid in thanks to his research and performance experience. If you’ve ever wondered what the torrents of visionary emotions feel like when your hearing is robbed, this one’s for you.

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Thursday 24th January – Saturday 2nd March: The Last Waltz (For Leon) at Tim Van Laere Gallery, Antwerp

Tim Van Laere is closing its doors and saying goodbye to his Zuid address, home to an intriguing collection for over two decades. And to send it off right, the gallerist is bringing together a good number of his favourites – including Kati Heck, Rinus Van de Velde and Franz West – in a tribute to his grandfather Leon. However rest assured that this is far from the end, as the gallery will be unveiling its brand-new space come April. Go show some love.

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Thursday 24th January: Laboratoire Sonore w/ Piloot at Le Lac, Brussels

A wild night of dreamy and hypnotic trance by Piloot, a trio made up of Florian Guibert, Cyrille de Haes and Jean-Philippe De Gheest. Stand in a circle and immerse youself in their loud, thumping music. Dance, drink and get lost in the crowd of electronic music lovers.

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Thursday 24th January – Friday 7th March: Imagining Monuments at Extra City, Antwerp

Following up from their previous partnership with Middelheim Museum, art centre Extra City and feminist archive RoSa are creating a platform for critical thinking on the role and presence of women in (public) space, partcularly through the prism of monuments. Taking place over four specific dates, this joint effort will comprise of a number of lectures, workshops and talks all aimed at dismantling issues of representation. Education is key.

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Thursday 24th January: Romain Juan’s Roi Nu at Espace Moss, Brussels

Romain Juan brings works of art out of the mundane. His creative work is an expressive recreation of everyday objects into other familiar every day objects through a surreal mixture of architecture, materials, body parts and painting. The average is turned into the absurd into the surreal, and right back into the mundane in this exhibit. A mind-bending experience of symbols for those who want to push the boundaries of geometry.

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Thursday 24th January: Consouling Sounds w/ Slumberland + YODOK III at STUK, Leuven

Ghent’s Consouling Sounds label has worked steadfast this last decade, producing quality-guaranteed pieces from post-rock to ambient sounds and a halt at doom music. And yet their identity continues to defy genres as they seem to renew their vision constantly – made evident by their two fresh releases, courtesy of Belgian trio Slumberland and the Belgo-Scandinavian trio YODOK III. A strong promise of musical discovery at STUK.

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Thursday 24th January – Saturday 23rd February: Olivier Papegnies’ Koglweogo at Hangar, Brussels

An exhibition that borders on the artistic and journalistic: Olivier Papegnies documents the lives of the Koglweogo, a militia in Burkina Faso, who fight to maintain peace and calm in their region against gangsters, highway bandits and terrorists. The month-long show portrays their locally popular activities that range from social initiatives and people’s courts to the cruel punishments they dole out to the condemned. This award-winning series is being exhibited in Belgium for the first time. Not for the faint of heart, and a must for the globally curious.

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Thursday 24th January: How to conquer space at Kolder, Ghent

A unique show is set to take place in Ghent’s Kolder this Thursday, whereby Roos Nieboer and Martí Madaula invite and engage the public to reconsider anything and everything you know on space, heavens and stars in two slots. Be enlightened.

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Thursday 24th – Saturday 26th January: Rosas & TG Stan’s Quartett at Kaaitheater, Brussels

Dancers Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker and Cynthia Loemij of Rosas work together with Frank Vercruyssen and Jolente De Keersmaeker, actors of TG Stan to bring a modern rendition of Quartett, a novel by the German author Heiner Muller. Delve into the minds of the characters who represent the feminine and masculine subjects, and watch how the dancers and actors express the power lying behind our words and actions.

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Friday 25th – Sunday 27th January: Opening Weekend at Kunsthal Gent, Ghent

019 and NUCLEO are doing Ghent proud this week, unveiling their steady and consistent work to transform the Caermersklooster monastery into a bonafide and cutting-edge visual art centre. With a chockablock weekend full of exhibitions, performances, interventions and even publications, Kunsthal Gent are hitting the ground running. See you there.

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Friday 25th January – Sunday 27th January: Drifting at Penthouse Art Residency, Brussels

Penthouse Art Residency invites you to view the works by Laurie Charles, Matthias Esch and Daniel Stubenvoll. Charles mixes folklore, historical narratives and mythology into written fiction and painted. Esch on the other hand studies the gaps and distance between human beings, and tries to understand how we bridge that narrative through language and symbols. Finally, Stubenvoll’s work revolves around the web of ties we have in our lives that constitutes meaning. Good things come in threes.

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Friday 25th January – Sunday 12th May: Patrick Willocq / Olivier Cornil / Jacques Meuris at Musée de la Photographie, Charleroi

Contemporary photography centre Musée de la Photographie is kicking off their next season with gusto, namely in the shape of three individual exhibitions. Parisian Patrick Willocq’s Songs of the Walés will evoke his colourful and vividly hyper-realistic imagery to life, besides local Olivier Cornil and his calming scenarios in Dans mon jardin les fleures dansent, while you can witness all-round thinker’s Jacques Meuris’ personal shots with L’éxperience photographique. Utterly spoilt.

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Friday 25th January: Borokov Borokov at Het Bos, Antwerp

Borokov Borokov will play be performing their brand-new album live at Het Bos, displaying an overlay of disorientation and bewitching acts. Using fragments of live sets from concerts past in AB, Kinky Star and more, this is not to be missed.

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Friday 25th January : HE4RTBROKEN’s AV Live Show at Cinéma Galeries, Brussels

HE4RTBROKEN never do things small – they’re back from a small hiatus with a killer party sure to shake off your winter blues. Large-scale screen installations and cinematic soundsystems will match Oklou and Krampf’s much-talked about video game, while UK-based Triad God is sure to get you hyped with his Cantonese rap. Aussie Corin is ready for a live performance mixing trance, grime and bass, with a complimentary AV show courtesy of video artist Tristan Jalleh. Finally, Shanghai rascals in the shape of Genome 6.66 Mbp will be shelling it down with top-notch intermittent DJ sets. Fridays are for dancing.

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Friday 25th January: Dieter Durinck, Delmore FX, Daniele De Santis, Kikiriki at Forbidden City, Antwerp

Forbidden City are doing things big this Friday, inviting the likes of Dieter Durinck, Delmore FX and his tapes, Italian Daniel de Santis with his peculiar drums, and a deep closing act courtesy of Kirikiki aka Miaux. Don’t sleep.

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Friday 25th January – Saturday 9th March: Considered To Be Allies’ Who wore it better? at Deborah Bowmann, Brussels

Considered To Be Allies – the duo comprised of Margaux Parillaud and Mie Frederikke Fischer –  experiment with the portrayal of two teenage girls who show up to a prom in the same dress. Exploring the question of the feminine aesthetical forms posed in TV shows, tabloids and celebrity websites, the duo will open their latest show this Friday with a special performance, mirrors and all. A must.

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Friday 25th January: Borger #15 in Antwerp

Antwerp’s art lovers are spoilt rotten this Friday with another edition of Borger, bringing together a bunch of The Word favourites like Zeno X Gallery, Base-Alpha Gallery, DMW Art Space and more. It’s worth the cold.

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Friday 25th January – Sunday 17th February: Babs Decruyenaere’s I don’t need my eyes to see at Pinguin, Brussels

Babs Decruyenaere has been keeping herself busy in a dark room where she explored the shapes and visual identities of the natural objects she tends to collect while wandering outside. As a poetic homage to the power of nature’s forms, I don’t need my eyes to see is a show in which the artist introduces us to a series of recently made photograms as well as a selection of “stone faces”. Dive into a natural and abstract universe.

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Friday 25th January: Public Psyche + Peuk at Café Charlatan, Ghent

The post-punk four-man band Public Psyche, formerly known as Rape Blossoms are taking over Café Charlatan with riotous Peuk for a sweaty, filthy and heavy night, guaranteeing a night to remember.

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Saturday 26th January – Saturday 9th March: Daniel Sinsel at Office Baroque, Brussels

An exhibition focused on the symbolic meanings of the language that arose from the technologies of the 21st century – emojis. Sinsel delves into the meaning of emojis that are on one hand completely contextual and on the other, a layered understanding of an emotion with levels of understanding – but only if one looks a little deeper. His aim is to unpack the complexities of timeless emotions by using contemporary arts and symbols to explore the depths hidden in the many nuances that go unnoticed. The modern person needs a philosophy of emojis.

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Saturday 26th January – Sunday 2nd June: Stief DeSmet’s Paradise, Prototypes & Other Deconstructions at Be-Part, Waregem

Be-Part is inviting Stief DeSmet to take over their Waregem space for the next half year, thus allowing for the Ghent-based sculptor’s first show in the Belgian art scene in the last two years. With industrial materials in his hand, DeSmet creates ambiguous yet playful takes on nature versus nurture, using snippets and fragments lifted out of the Old Masters and classic Flemish countryside. A sight to behold.

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Saturday 26th January: Sabir launch at Palace, Brussels

A brand-new publication – in the form of a biannual contemporary literary review – is ready to present its fruits of labour this Saturday. Conceptualised, conceived and executedby a group of young Brussels-based writers, poets, designers and thinkers, Sabir’s inaugural launch will incite readers to question freedom within the art sphere and the complexities of censorship. Full support.

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Saturday 26th January – Sunday 3rd February: BRAFA 2019 at Tour & Taxis, Brussels

One of the leading European art fairs: yet again, BRAFA promises a wild range of artistic artefacts ranging from the ancient to the modern. The organisers demand quality and originality from the art pieces they put up for sale for the exhibitors. An occasion art fans and collectors alike.

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Saturday 26th January: Random Numbers Showcase at Beursschouwburg, Brussels

Mathieu Levet and Ernesto Gonzalez got together to create an EP’s worth of psychedelic set of tracks, which Bologna-based record label Random Numbers is gladly releasing – and they’re inviting you all to a night of wild techno. After the EP launch, Loto Retina will take the stage and bring his signature acid techno mixed with garage noises and the kind of lighting that’ll leave your mind buzzing for hours.

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Saturday 26th January: Erik Thys’ MONDO CANE at La Loge, Brussels

Composer, artist and psychiatrist Erik Thys has created an organ piece in the form of an international anthem, in light of his partnership with the artist duo Jos de Gruyter & Harald Thys, whose eponymous project has just been selected for this year’s Venice Biennale’s Belgian Pavilion. Not to be missed.

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Saturday 26th January: Magic Mountain High, XDB, Levon Vincent + Missfitte at C12, Brussels

Another killer party scheduled at C12 this Saturday, this time with a partner on hand: underground feminist crew Missfitte is taking over the downtown club’s second room – scenography and VJ sets and all – while the main room is gracd with the likes of Magic Mountain High, XDB and Levon Vincent. No sleep.

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Sunday 27th January – Sunday 17th March: Five artists from the archive and collection of Jan Hoet / Fringe at MDD, Deurle

Museum Dhondt-Dhaenens’ latest exhibition is not one, but two: Jan Hoet and his life-long private collection are the apples of their eye, whereby five international artists with close ties to the beloved curator were thoroughly selected together with his family. Besides this, Fringe brings together Jenny Watson, Saskia Pintelon and William N. Copley for a rich assortiment of marginal and boundless paintings, sparking a dialogue.

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Sunday 27th January: Gay Haze at Steel Gate, Brussels

The final healthy dose of Sunday fun before your Monday blues is another fabulous Gay Haze party, this time with a heartwarming line-up made up of Hivern Discs’ Lion’s Drums, Kiosk Radio’s Mickey and residents. End the weekend right.

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