Whilst preparing our recently released Brussels Special, we dug deep in our office archive and pulled out some of the stand-out local features we’ve done over the years. This, in many ways, is our Brussels

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The Milkman

Brussels’ last Milkman, published in The Insider Issue, January 2008. ©Jack Moyersoen

lefto 3

Lefto – The Early bird, published in The Secret Society, May 2008. ©Yassin Serghini


DJ Pierre – The granddaddy of clubbing, The yellow album, July 2011.  ©Jack Moyersoen


Jacqueline by day, Mamy by night, published in The Nano Issue, September 2009. ©Ulrike Biets

Au Suisse (10)

Au Suisse – Tell your people to call my people and we’ll do lunch…, published in The Russian Issue + The Food Special, November 2010. ©Veerle Frissen


Mister Sabena, published in The Ultimate Getaway, July 2008. ©Yassin Serghini


The Man Down Under, published in The Secret Society, May 2008. ©Jack Moyersoen


Frédéric Nicolay – My little white screen, published in The white album November 2011. ©Sarah Eechaut


The life and times of Darakan, published in The pink album, September 2012. ©Grégoire Pleynet


Cap – Graffiti writers, published in The grey album, June 2012. ©Sarah Eechaut


Au Vieux St Martin – A table for Belgium, The white album + The food special, November 2011.  ©Grégoire Pleynet


Jean-Louis Godefroid (2013) – Is the photography book the new exhibition?, published in The grey album + Photography special, June 2012.  ©Grégoire Pleynet